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3 Reasons You Need a Landscape Expert

It’s the time of year when everyone starts looking at their landscapes and wondering what the potential could be.

  • Exciting new projects
  • A good clean up
  • Looking to start from a clean slate and go in a completely different direction

While you may be feeling inspired this spring and summer, we’re here to tell you from experience, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and backaches if you properly plan out your landscape project rather than just plopping in different plants and hoping for the best.

Consider the Elements

There’s something about warmer weather that just makes us want to roll up our sleeves and get to work in the dirt. But if you want a beautiful landscape that works for you, in the long run, hear us out on why you need a plan and expert to execute it.

When it comes to planning a landscape, there are A LOT of elements, most of which you probably wouldn’t have even considered. Here are just a few to give you an idea:

  • Visual descriptors of your landscape—the lines, textures, colors, and sounds.
  • How to use space and how new design elements fit within your existing architectural style.
  • Is there unity between all of the elements?
  • Scale and proportion, do objects and plants match each other’s size and space?
  • An annual planting plan that accounts for the entire year.
  • Water use and maintenance.

Landscape design is so much more than just colors and plants; it requires a balance of various elements as well as exciting features and creativity. Still not convinced? Here’s why you need a landscape expert.

1. We’ll Crystallize Your Ideas

If you have no experience in the field, it can be complicated to take your vision and put it onto paper. We can help! Our team of experts can take your thoughts and design a detailed plan around them.

2. We’ll Craft a Budget

A lot of times homeowners or property managers try to tackle landscape on their own, and they find themselves in trouble when it comes to a budget.

When you meet with our team, we won’t just sketch your ideas out, but we’ll give you a clearly defined budget and understanding of costs.

3. We’ll Manage the Project

Another benefit of bringing on landscape experts is you have a group with the technical know-how that can run the show while you continue with your daily life and responsibilities.

We can capitalize on opportunities for improvement just as well as we minimize any issues that may arise.

We Can Help

The Complete Landsculpture team has been creating, constructing, and maintaining custom landscapes since 1985. Let us use our expertise to craft your complete outdoor experience!

We know the ins and outs, the regulations, codes, and other requirements as well as a hundred other aspects you wouldn’t even think about being associated with landscape projects.

To see our work, check out our portfolio! Like what you see? Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll be happy to get started in defining your vision and crafting the best landscape plan for you! 

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