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Should You Install a Root Barrier?

Should You Install a Root Barrier, Protecting Your Home and Trees?   Maintaining a healthy and stable landscape is crucial for homeowners. With the potential risks posed by invasive tree roots, it becomes essential to explore preventive measures such as root barrier installation. As a trusted landscape company specializing in root barrier services, Complete Landsculpture is dedicated to helping homeowners protect their properties. In this article, we will discuss why you might need to install a root barrier, what root barrier installation entails, and the benefits it offers to safeguard your home and preserve your trees.   Why Homeowners Need Root Barrier Installation Invasive tree roots can cause various problems that can compromise the integrity of your property. These roots have the potential to infiltrate

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Root Flare Exposure and Tree Health

Root Flare Exposure and Tree Health Root flare exposure is critical to a tree’s health. However, people often plant trees too deeply. Nearly eighty percent of trees in urban areas have had their root flares covered by dirt during planting. Others have had their flares covered up by mulch. A tree with its root flare exposed is less likely to have health problems. What is a Root Flare? Unlike the roots of a tree, the root flare has bark. The main function of bark is to protect. Bark protects the living tissue, known as the cambium, from damage. It acts like a shield, keeping disease and pests from its critical parts. Plants contain aerial tissue called bark that is designed to be exposed to air.

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7 Reasons for an Amazing Pool Remodel

Is your pool stuck in the ’90s? Retro parties, music, and clothes can be fun, but nobody wants to hang out in or around a pool that hasn’t had a makeover since the millennia changed. Even renovations that took place in the last decade need a cosmetic boost and functional upgrade. Our Team Is Waiting for Your Call Like anything else in your home, a pool remodel may consist of a few touch-ups here and there to a complete overhaul. If you’re ready to go back to the drawing board and start over from scratch, our demo and design teams are just waiting for your call. But if you or your pocketbook are not quite ready for a total redo, you may be wondering where to

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Fall Colors

Fall Colors It is about that time again for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweaters, and the beginning of our holiday season. With our cool down it is the perfect time to have your trees evaluated for fall fertilization! Fertilization begins in the fall as our temperatures become milder and we have cooler nights moving into dormancy. Dormancy is when trees concentrate the most on their root growth and recovery from our long growing season. Milder temperatures also brings our nostalgic color change of fall that we all love. Our fall color change is a direct byproduct of our cooler temperatures and nutrient availability in the soil. Proper fertilizations improve color in not only the fall but the spring too! Lastly, many of us like to rake

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Spring Tree Check

Spring Tree Check Finally, after weeks of freezing weather and winter storms, it is starting to warm up, Spring is finally here. Tree buds are starting to swell and will soon pop and bring the landscape to life with beautiful foliage and flowers. Spring is a great time to have your highly valued trees inspected for winter damage, insects, and disease. Our ISA Certified Arborists can perform a full tree inspection and if needed, provide recommendations for any trimming, fertilization, or treatment programs. Helping our trees get a healthy start to the year is important for their long-term health and vitality. Our organic tree fertilization program helps stimulate new root growth, boost the tree’s own immune system, and promote healthy growth. Treatments for insects and

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2023 Spring Tree Check

Spring Tree Check As the weather warms up, all the trees and plants around us will shake off the sleepiness of winter and start awakening to a new year. Trees should be inspected as they are waking up to see how they did over the winter and to make sure they are in good shape as they rev up for another growth spurt. A good spring start leads to a healthy rest of the year. Checking for insects, diseases, broken or dead branches, proper root structure, and overall health of the tree is vital to preserving and enhancing your landscape trees. Winter winds, storms, and fluctuating weather can have a negative effect on trees and can have long-term consequences if not taken care of promptly.

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