5 Ideas to Spruce up Your Commercial Landscape This Spring

Spruce up your commercial landscape this spring with these five simple ideas! While you may think enhancements to your commercial landscape may not be worthwhile, the truth is there’s no better way to attract people to your property than with a beautiful landscape or interesting features.

If you’re looking for ways to grab attention this season, we have a few ideas! Here are our top spring project recommendations for commercial landscapes looking to change things up.

Spruce Up Your Commercial Landscape

Every commercial property is unique and has different features to work with. So, read through our list and take note of one, or all, the enhancements that may work best for your landscape!

1. Rooftop Planters

Don’t have a lot of land or space to work with? No problem. Adding splashes of green not only add a natural element but it’s also a great way to incorporate color into stone, concrete, and glass surroundings.

Dwarf tree varieties, ornamental grasses, and anything with texture (especially fuzzy plants like lavender) work great! What better way to entice people outside to the roof in this warmer weather than with a garden paradise.

2. Upgrade your Lighting

LED lighting, path lights, mercury vapor lights, and much more! You have tons of options. The right lighting can be a simple addition that yields a big impact. Create mood, captivating shadows, and highlight attractive features of your landscape by adding lights.

3. Opportunity for Experiences

As a commercial property, you want to attract and convince people to stay on your property. There’s no better way to do so than by providing comfortable and attractive spaces.

We recently wrote a post on outdoor offices if you’d like some inspiration! We also recommend incorporating construction hardscapes like fire pits or ponds with stylish seating to complement.

4. Plant Trees

While this enhancement requires some time to produce results, it’s well worth the wait! Trees are a beautiful way to transform any property.

Some commercial property-friendly species are Pistaches, Norway Maples, and Jacquemontii Birch. These are just a few if you’d like to explore other options one of our certified Arborists would be happy to speak with you!

5. Spring Cleaning

Not looking to take on a largescale project at the moment? No worries, with a general clean up, the Complete Landsculpture team can revive your property and make it look brand new just in time for the spring season.

We’ll evaluate your plants, trees, and even your irrigation system to ensure everything is in proper shape.

Let Complete Landsculpture Transform Your Property

Did any of these project ideas pique your interest? You can browse through our portfolio for more inspiration and when you’re ready to get in touch with our team of experts!

We’re ready to sit down and walk you through different options to transform your landscape. Fill out our contact form here, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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