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Outdoor Office – A Growing Trend to Keep Your Eye On

As wellness and health are taking center stage, one of the top concerns of many employees is about their work environment. It’s no wonder many companies are looking to new design concepts to keep workers happy.

Biophilia is a new trend many attribute to the awareness and research surrounding the many benefits of regular contact with nature.

The biophilia hypothesis is so prevalent, it has influenced designers to create Biophilic architecture. This design concept favors natural lighting, ventilation, and other elements that may enhance productivity and provide an overall healthy working environment.

Lower stress levels, increased creativity, improved air quality…the list could go on and on for why putting office space directly into nature is beneficial.

Taking Your Office to the Outdoors

We know it may seem a little crazy at first, you’re probably picturing desks in the middle of some trees, but that’s not the kind of biophilic influence we’re getting at.

In fact, we have a few ideas on how to design a truly great outdoor office-friendly space.

In the past, designers and architects looked to incorporate natural wood, stone features, and even plants to bring the feel of nature inside.

If you want to take your company to the next level and tap into innovation, here are a few of our ideas.

1. Create a Communal Space

Giving employees a communal space or even the option to take their work outside is a great way to inspire. Equip these spaces with comfortable seating, furniture, and don’t forget the WiFi.

2. Add Green Spaces

If you have a large campus, consider breaking up long sidewalks or swaths of concrete with green spaces. We can give you turf between buildings where employees could go for contemplation, a yoga break, or maybe even to play some ping pong.

3. Use the Roof

With an existing building, you should take advantage of roof space. We can implement water features, plants, and even an outdoor kitchen.

4. Incorporate Shade

Incorporating shade is key for a comfortable space, especially in places around Texas where the spring and summer can bring strong sun and heat waves.

Incorporating shade also prevents the glare on laptop and phone screens that make it annoying and nearly impossible to get things done outside.

Take a Look at Towers at Park Central

One of our latest commercial properties that sought outdoor spaces for their office was the Towers at Park Central.

Adding lush landscape, sleek furniture, and construction hardscapes allowed us to bring productivity outside. It also created a space for employees to step outside and stretch their legs.

You can see more about this project in our portfolio.

We Can Help

If you want to learn how to transform your office space and create a COMPLETE outdoor experience, we can help!

Our team is ready to learn more about your needs and help define your tone. You can schedule a FREE consultation today!

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