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5 Ways Design-Build Is The Way To Go With Your Commercial Landscape Project

When it comes to a new project, you have some options as to the best plan of action, but time and time again property managers and developers are turning to the design-build method. Why? It’s reliable, cost-efficient, and can make a project run seamlessly.

Before getting into all the reasons why the design-build approach is a great choice let’s review just exactly what it means.

This is the method by which you will have a project delivered under one contract—planning, design, and construction will be handled by your design-build team. You’ll have the full support of one team from inception to post-care, making things a lot easier for you, and increasing the likelihood of a stellar outcome.

When it comes to landscape, a design-build approach can seem cumbersome, but we’ll fill in the blanks, so you have a clear idea of just what is going on and what to expect.

The Complete Approach

The Complete Landsculpture team has been delivering top-notch custom landscape projects to clients across Texas, Oklahoma, and neighboring states since 1985. Our vast experience has allowed us to establish an infallible 8-step process for our design-build projects.

We’ll take the lead on everything from inception to obtaining construction documents to handling your project post-care to ensure a complete success in delivering your vision on time and budget.

To learn more about our complete approach get in touch with our landscape experts here. Now that you have an understanding of the process let’s get into exactly why design-build is so beneficial!

1. Inherent Efficiency

When you take the Design-Build route with Complete Landsculpture, you’re getting one point of contact from start to finish.

  • No items will get overlooked
  • There will be no breakdown in communication
  • You’ll get a sustainable approach to realizing your vision

The whole team is on the same page throughout the entire process, meaning it’s inherently efficient and effective.

2. Leverage Expertise

You already know about Complete Landsculpture’s long history and experience in the industry. So, we’ll touch on the value you can get from our team of dynamic thinkers. Experts, like the CL team, are experienced and masterful in both areas (design AND build).

Having expertise and background in both areas brings a unique advantage to your project. We can help in problem-solving and ensuring designs will meet building standards and vice versa.

Our team can look at the big picture before any project begins and can anticipate any potential issues with your specific needs.

3. Open Communication

When you work with design-build you’re getting one point of contact, and as an owner or manager, you’ll be kept in the loop throughout the entire process.

Communication is easier, more open, and expectations will be clearly defined meaning your project will run much more smoothly. Plus, as the client, you’ll have complete control over the project. Our design-build team will partner with you to empower your vision.

4. Cover All Your Bases

Before any ground is broken or pieces installed, you will need all the correct documents, permits, and approval. This is one less step to worry about as your design-build guides will handle all of this from phase 1.

Additionally, our experts can give you a forecast of what items you may need when discussing the project. You won’t run into any surprises down the road.

5. Allows for Flexibility

Although the design-build approach can help you avoid any speed bumps, unplanned events or hurdles will always pop up. The single point responsibility afforded by design-build allows for quick decisions to be made and unimpeded project speed.

The whole team will know what’s going on and you’re less likely to leave out any crucial aspects, keeping the project moving forward.

We Can Help

If you’re ready to discuss your own project needs, let’s talk about your commercial landscape needs. Collaborate with the Complete Landsculpture, and we’ll bring your vision to life.

We understand costs and execution and can take your existing landscape to the next level. Check out some of our past work here and get the process started by filling out our contact form.

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