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Maintenance Program: What Goes Into a Successful Landscape

Maintaining a functional and beautiful commercial landscape is like completing a puzzle. You need all the pieces and the vision to execute the final product.

This is where an expert’s guidance comes into play. Choosing an experienced partner to take care of your commercial landscape is crucial to a thriving landscape that meets your property’s needs and complements its best features.

The point of a maintenance program is to ensure that your landscape looks great, and things run smoothly all year long. There’s so much more to proper maintenance than regularly trimming the trees and mowing the lawn, in fact, an appropriately tailored maintenance plan will have many parts, no matter the size of the property.

The Differences Between Managing a Residential and Commercial Landscape

If you’re managing a commercial property, you may be wondering how different a residential landscape could be from a commercial one. The answer is a lot.

Which is why partnering with the right landscape team is essential to success. Commercial properties have unique challenges, needs, and opportunities. Commercial landscape projects and care requires different expertise than that of residential projects, which is why you want to find a commercial landscaper who meets the following criteria:

  • Design vision and creativity
  • Experience with specialized equipment
  • Knowledgeable working crews
  • Variety of services offered
  • Experience in your region (this ensures that the team is knowledgeable about the climate, environment, and other factors of your location)

Our team of trained experts has vast experience working with commercial properties across the region. You can check out our previous projects here to get an idea of what we can do for your commercial property.

Every commercial landscape will have unique needs and challenges, but for the most part, some recurring themes pop up on every maintenance plan. Read on to learn about some of the items we think are essential to a successful commercial landscape maintenance plan.

What Every Commercial Landscape Maintenance Plan Should Include

Every landscape is unique, and your property’s needs will vary due to various factors, but for the most part, the following categories are essential for all commercial landscapes. Here’s a look at some of the items you’ll want to be sure are on your maintenance plan.

Irrigation System Care

We’ll handle regular check-ups, winterization, start-up, and more to ensure that your irrigation system is running smoothly. Managing precious water resources through our technology platforms, including; water auditing, smart controllers, moisture sensors, and flow meters, is essential to a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and efficiently run landscape.

Pest Management

Part of regular landscape care includes investigating and treating any pest issues. We won’t let any insects take over your landscape, which can help keep problems from snowballing into significant issues.

Clearly Communicated Expectations

We’ll make sure that you understand what we’re doing, why, and how it will benefit your landscape. While we have things under control, we want to be sure you know the ins and outs of your property’s landscape as well.

Tree, Shrub, and Flower Management

We’ll select the proper plants for your landscape and create a schedule to keep them healthy and vibrant. Our team will also work to make sure your landscape represents your brand and budget.

Looking Out for Hazards

As our team will be working on your property regularly, we can keep an eye out for any hazards or potential issues. If we notice something out of the ordinary, we’ll keep you in the loop, and do our best to take care of any potential risks that come from the landscape itself (like falling branches, uneven pavement, or cracks in a hardscape).

Reviewing Soil

Our team will be attentive to your landscape’s soil and keep any necessary treatments up to date. This will ensure your landscape has a healthy foundation that will allow the rest to flourish.

Overall Health of Landscape

During our routine maintenance, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on all aspects of the property. Are there signs of pests? Brown patches on the turf? Are trees exhibiting signs of disease? Early detection is key to preventing more significant issues from occurring.

Weed Control

Weeds are a great example of a small issue that can wreak havoc if left unchecked. Regular maintenance and upkeep will allow us the chance to monitor plants throughout your landscape and eliminate weeds before they become a more significant issue.

Tiny Details

While our team is full of experts that will ensure your commercial landscape is healthy, functional, and beautiful, we also pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer care. That means we’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure our work is top-notch and that our clients are happy. We’ll make sure the property has been properly cleaned up following services.

Sustainability Goals

An ideal landscape is sustainable. We want to ensure your property is operating optimally without unnecessary expenses or wasteful practices. Our team of experts can visualize the big picture and can make adjustments as needed. We’ll work together to ensure your goals are being met and that you’re updated on progress.

More Than a Checklist

A successful landscape maintenance program requires much more than just following a checklist. It entails communication and the ability to spot problems before they arise.

The Complete Landsculpture team has over thirty-five years of experience, and we’re proud to help our clients achieve their vision. Protect your commercial landscape and get in touch with the experts today!

A Quality Maintenance Program Leads to Healthy Landscapes

We want to deliver the best work possible so that your landscape enhances your property. Having a solid maintenance program for your commercial landscape can help keep your property on track and avoid potential issues down the line.

We’ll be able to customize upkeep plans to meet your needs and budget, plus our experts are always looking for areas of improvement.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can take care of your commercial landscape and why it’s important. You can find some examples of our past work in our portfolio here and schedule your consultation easily online here.

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