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Make Your Property Stand out with Great Landscape Design

Running a business is like caring for a machine, there are lots of moving pieces, and some may seem more important than others, but in the end, if every piece isn’t working at its full potential, you will likely find yourself with issues.

Many property managers recognize the value and importance of a well-maintained and beautiful landscape and its impact on how people view your property and brand.

If you’re looking to attract visitors/customers and enhance your reputation all you need is a great landscape design.

While there are endless possibilities when it comes to sprucing up your property and making it appear more inviting, here are some of our expert golden rules for great landscape design.

The Golden Rules of Great Commercial Landscapes

The team at Complete Landsculpture has been helping commercial properties define their vision and transform their landscapes for over thirty years.

Tapping into our experience, we’ve come up with a handful of ways to drastically improve the appearance of your property. You can get a snapshot into some of our ideas below.

1. Don’t Neglect the Entrance

This is your first chance to draw customers in so make it inviting and have a clearly defined pathway. Good landscape designers will highlight entrance points and use a mix of hardscapes and plants to create attractive visual statements.

2. Enhance Existing Features

If you want to enhance your landscape, look to existing structures. Great landscapes will complement your building and really make the architectural elements pop.

3. Conservation Efforts

Not all great elements can be seen by the naked eye. A top-notch landscape design will contribute to energy savings by incorporating a smart approach to:

  • Shading your building in the summer
  • Blocking harsh winds in the winter
  • Controlling water run-off

4. Damage Control

Complete Landsculpture’s team is committed to deliver quality service from start to finish—including post-care.

Routine clean ups like prepping for swarms of insects, pruning or trimming trees, and tending to dying shrubs can help protect your investment and preserve a pristine landscape year-round.

5. Hardscape Inspection

Your patios, pathways, water features, retaining walls, and other hardscapes are susceptible to the wear and tear from changing weather and repeated use.

You can avoid costly repairs and dangerous defaults by having a professional inspect your hardscapes regularly. Make sure your property doesn’t lose value due to broken down, cracking, or faulty construction.

Creating a landscape that stands out and contributes to your business requires time and energy, make sure you have the right team working on it!

We Can Help

If you want to learn about these five simple ways to keep your property looking its best or discuss a project you have in mind, we’re here for you!

Schedule your consultation and our team of experts will get to work on developing a customized approach that will bring your vision to life and define your property on time and on budget.

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