3 Signs It’s Time to Revamp Your Commercial Property

Property managers, business owners, and project managers did you know that when it comes to your commercial landscape, you may be missing out on a HUGE opportunity?

Your commercial landscape is a lot like your business’ DNA—it’s a window into your brand and can help clients and visitors understand just exactly what you stand for.

How can you tell the impression your business is giving off and when do you know it’s time to update your landscape?

Signs It’s Time to Reinvent

  • Your company has recently undergone an expansion or experienced growth.
  • You’re having trouble getting customers to come in (blame your curb appeal).
  • The area around your property has changed, and yours is blending in.

These are just a few examples of times when you should consider updating your commercial landscape, but the truth is your landscape can do a lot for your business.

If you feel that your current landscape doesn’t demonstrate your values and goals or isn’t inviting, then let’s talk.

Based on Trust

To evolve your brand and have a landscape that reflects it, you need to find a partner you can trust. Our team of experts at Complete Landsculpture has been providing completely custom and valuable solutions for over three decades.

The truth is upgrading an existing landscape can be more challenging than crafting a new one. That’s because once you’re comfortable with a property, it can be hard to recognize weak spots and problem areas.

Let Complete Landsculpture be your fresh eyes, and together we can bring your vision to life! If you’re considering revamping your landscape, here are some of our methods for doing so.

1. Take Inventory

We’ll evaluate every aspect of your landscape and asses what features and plants are salvageable or can play a role in the updated landscape while removing any dead, dying, or useless pieces.

2. Create Long-Term Plan

When you call Complete Landsculpture, you can assure you’ll get the best support from project inception to post-care maintenance. We’ll lay out a solid long-term care plan to ensure your landscape looks amazing year-round.

3. Ponder Perspectives

Creating a landscape that fits your brand and accurately portrays your company’s vision and values must come from a people-centric design.

We’ll focus on your audience and what they’ll see walking up to the entrance, what they can see when looking out the window, the different perspectives in different areas. All of these are considerations we review when crafting your unique design.

These three steps are just the start when it comes to updating a commercial landscape; it will take time and a lot of planning.

That’s why you want the best team to guide you through the process! The crew at Complete Landsculpture has been helping clients across DFW and OKC for decades.

We Can Help

Revamping your commercial landscape requires collaboration and the definition of a vision; when you’re ready to bring your vision to life schedule your FREE consultation with our team!

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