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5 Smart Landscaping Techniques That Will Save You Money

Lots of people think that landscaping is just for looks and while it certainly adds aesthetic value to any property at Complete Landsculpture, we strive to give you a COMPLETE approach to landscaping.

One that considers your vision, your goals, and then craft a landscape that meets both while adding value to your life.

Even though the spring and summer are months away, you know planning your landscape for the next season is always best done in advance.

With the right planning and use of smart landscaping techniques, you can save you money on energy bills come sunnier weather.

Energy-Efficient Landscaping Tips

Get in touch with one of our landscaping professionals to start planning out your summer landscape and get the complete outdoor experience! Schedule a consultation here to learn more.

1. Landscape for Shade

This tip is the most cost-effective way to reduce solar heat entering your home (and lower your need for the AC). You’ll need a certified Arborist with experience to be able to assess the size, shape, location, and much more of the trees that will cast shadows.

If you don’t want to wait years for shade you could easily have a trellis or pergola installed and covered with fast-growing vines to provide shade.

2. Landscape for Water Conservation

There are a few techniques that can be implemented in order to conserve water. For example, simple ideas like grouping plants with similar watering needs or watering in the morning when its cooler.

Also, our landscape specialists can perform these techniques for you.

  • Aerating your soil
  • Raising your lawnmower to reduce water runoff
  • Implementing mulch

3. Cool Things Down with a Water Feature

Waterfalls, ponds, and fountains are among the various options for implementing a water feature into your landscape.

This option creates a cool spot that, depending on size, could even lower the temperature of your property in warmer months.

Our certified Irrigation Specialists will assess your landscape and provide the most cost-efficient and advanced solution for your specific needs.

4. Create a Windbreak

This tip is especially helpful for protecting homes that are exposed to extreme wind and cold weather.

We can block cold winds from attacking your house through the strategic planting of shrubs, trees, and bushes. We’ll assess your property in order to design the best windbreak.

5. Direct Breezes

Coming off of the windbreak topic it’s important to note that this technique isn’t just for the cold! When done correctly your windbreak can also strategically direct cool breezes toward parts of your property and home during the summer.

We Can Help

These tips will protect your home from the harsh summer heat as well as freezing winter winds!

To find the best fits for your property, you’ll meet with one of our experts, and we’ll go over your ideas to define your property and take this information to the drawing board.

We’ll craft a completely custom and valuable solution for your landscape needs. Schedule your FREE consultation today!

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