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On Trend Landscape Elements for Commercial Properties

Trends are always evolving, and products and practices are ever-changing. If you want to stay modern and appear fresh to customers, choosing the best landscape design for your commercial property may seem impossible.

Every business should seek to incorporate functional and beautiful landscapes that will show clients they’re up to date on trends and see the value of an elegant landscape that can be enjoyed all year long.

Here are some of our favorite trends for commercial landscapes.

Climate-Conscious Landscapes

Unpredictable weather alone is enough reason to take a climate-cognizant approach to landscape design. You want something that can withstand extreme weather and changes while offering a space that is comfortable throughout all seasons.

Pergolas. Gazebos, and construction hardscapes can add an element of protection and keep things comfortable in your landscape.

Water-Smart Landscapes

You’d have to be living under a rock not to realize that we’re living in the age of sustainability.

Going green and enacting smart water practices are more important to consumers nowadays which is why you’ll do yourself some good by incorporating eco-friendly watering practices into your landscape design.

One of our irrigation experts can walk you through the best options for your particular landscape needs.

Vibrant Colors

A beautiful flower never goes out of style. Adding pops of color and fun textures will make your landscape stand out from the rest.

Customers are looking for eye-catching patterns and colors, give your clients something to look at by getting creative.


This trend is an area that we’ve noticed many commercial properties lack, year after year. Whether you offer lighting for security purposes or aesthetic appeal, your customers will appreciate it all the same.

We offer a variety of options for creating ambiance and a sense of security through lighting.

Make Lasting Impressions

Your landscape will often be your opportunity to make a great first impression with visitors, even if you don’t think it’s that important.

You can’t deny that beautiful lawns, plants, and design elements can make a welcoming first impression. Apart from impressing your visitors, you’ll be able to stay up to date or even gain an edge on competitors!

We Can Help

Not sure where to begin? We’re here for you! The experienced team at Complete Landsculpture has been serving homeowners and property owners for over two decades.

With a team of qualified professionals, in-house designers, and dedicated landscaping members we have a solution for every landscape need.

We recommend taking a look at our portfolio for some ideas or just go ahead and fill out our contact form.

Whether you’re looking for a new design or some general clean-up, the team at Complete Landsculpture is ready to deliver the complete package and bring your outdoor vision to life!

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