5 Bright Ideas to Transform Your Summer Landscape with Lighting

Summer is officially here, and while you’ve spent the last few months fussing over your pool, getting your hardscapes finished, and taking care of your warm weather plants, you may have forgotten one small aspect of your landscape that can actually have a huge impact on the overall space—your lighting!

Whether you’ve neglected your landscape lighting for too long or you’re looking to set up a new system, we’ve got some ideas that we hope you’ll consider. Looking for ways to transform your landscape with lighting this summer? Read on!

Change Things Up with These Bright Ideas

Summer is the most social of all seasons.

  • Everyone is looking forward to neighborhood barbecues.
  • Late nights chatting on the patio.
  • Hopefully lounging around the pool.

You can ensure the fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets when you implement these lighting tips!

1. String Lights

String lights can totally make or break an outdoor space like an open patio, porch, or deck. This is often a great short-term idea for a summer event (birthday party, graduation party, family BBQ, etc.) or even an option for homeowners without a roof or existing structure to install lights on.

However, the lights you use and how you handle them are very important—that’s why we recommend consulting a professional, like one of our lighting experts, to ensure the product you use will:

  • Complement your landscape
  • Be safe for those around it
  • Cause no damage to your plants

2. Complement Covered Spaces

Do you have an existing structure like a covered patio, porch, or even a gazebo? Adding lighting to these spaces, whether a hanging lamp or high-tech LED lights could create an ambiance that fits your landscape. From outdoor pendant lights to romantic chandeliers, we’ll help you find the best piece to complement your space.

3. Light Up Your Pathways

If you fancy yourself as green thumb or you’re just pleased with the work we’ve done in crafting a unique garden, you can still show off your flowers and greenery from dusk to dawn. Get in touch with us to discuss options for walkway and garden path lighting. Bonus: Pathway lighting can actually add an element of safety to your landscape!

4. Floating Candles

Hosting a special event? You can show off your pool and let people know it’s off-limits by adding in tasteful floating candles. While this option isn’t necessarily a high-tech job we’ll provide, you can easily buy candles at your local grocery store and place a few throughout your pool.

5. Service and Maintenance

If you’re happy with your current lighting system, make sure everything is in good working order and functioning optimally. Our illumination experts can review your property and perform any necessary upkeep or make recommendations for upgrades or repairs to your existing lighting system.

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Show off your incredible landscape all summer long with the right lighting! Whether you’re looking for the latest trends or some maintenance done, the illumination experts at Complete Landsculpture are here to help!

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