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Pest Management: 5 Winter Tips

Think pests are just a problem in the summer? Wrong! Contrary to popular belief, winter allows for ample opportunity to tackle landscape management. This is your chance to keep your landscape and yard safe from a boom in pest population come spring time.

If you’ve been slacking off and thought you could get away with ignoring your landscape until warmer weather returned read on to learn some of the most important winter pest management tips!

Even though we’re blessed with mild winter weather compared to other places (like up north), there are still season specific issues that can’t be ignored.

Still unsure of what pests you may be dealing with in the winter? While anything is game, some of the most common pest issues come from rodents, spiders, and lace bugs just to name a few. Want to keep your landscape healthy all year long?

Before taking any action, be sure to walk around your property and look for any potential problem areas.

  • What condition are your water features in?
  • How are your trees?

One of our landscaping professionals can guide you in this process and give you an idea of what to look out for.

1. Mind Your Trees

Routine upkeep of your trees is vital. Trim back trees from your home and roof and then prune Bagworms which contain hundreds of eggs and may hatch come May. Prune out Maple borders to improve the overall health of your trees.

2. Clean Your Yard

A fairly easy task that could be done weekly is to go through your yard and remove any debris—especially diseased wood or brush piles. All of these types of waste can become breeding grounds for unwanted guests.

3. Keep Firewood Far Away

If you have a fireplace, keep your firewood stack far from your house. Not only do these piles provide excellent shelter for rodents and pests but they can also become a feeding and breeding hub for roaches and other pesky creatures.

4. Horticultural Oils

This natural and eco-friendly approach allows us to get all the nooks and crannies of your trees and plants to ensure pests will not be taking shelter this winter and is an extremely effective way to control difficult-to-kill insects.

5. Manage Weeds

Chemicals aren’t the only way to keep your weeds at bay in the winter; we can employ nonchemical methods such as cultivation, hand weeding, and mowing to keep insects out of your landscape and weeds from becoming a problem.

We Can Help!

To learn more about winter pest management and other ways to keep your landscape looking its best year-round, get in touch with our team!

We’ll deliver high-quality service on time and on budget! We want you to love your complete outdoor experience and enjoy a custom landscape, even in the winter!

If you’re ready to start planning your design projects for the spring and summer browse through our portfolio for some inspiration. We’re ready to bring your vision to life!

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