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6 Steps to Prep Your Pool for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and sticking with our theme of preparing for this glorious time of year; we’re back with another post to get prepped for warmer weather.

Last week we went over some crucial tips for getting your irrigation system ready for the new season and today we want to focus on a more exciting subject—your pool!

The end of March is perhaps the happiest time of year for homeowners with a pool, it can be torturous to wait all winter to make a splash, but swim season is just about here!

Opening Your Pool for Spring

Even if you were lucky to avoid a harsh winter, the colder temps can take a toll on your yard, your pool, and the entire system. Here are some important steps to take to make sure things run smoothly.

1. Dust Off Your Pool Cover

Well, we mean clean it off but get started by cleaning off any debris that may have accumulated. Before removing debris you should tighten the sides of the pool cover and use a cover pump to remove any water that has collected.

Use a mesh net for all solid debris and voilà! Bonus: If you’re looking for a chore for the kids, give them the task of cleaning off the pool cover and storing it.

2. Check the Equipment

Hook everything up and make sure all parts are in good working order and free of potential damage from the winter. This is the best time to replace or repair any issues so you can run your pool all season long, worry-free!

3. “Shock” Your Pool

Hopefully your, pool was well maintained throughout the colder months meaning this step will be much less strenuous. The amount of chemicals needed here will depend on the state of your pool.

Be sure you have the essential chemicals: algaecide, stabilizer, and super shock chlorine; these chemicals are no joke so be sure to follow the labels.

4. Remove Winter Equipment

Go through and take out all the winterizing plugs from your pool equipment, and then reinstall the normal pieces. Common areas with winterized plugs include your pump, filter, and pool cleaners, among other parts.

5. Stock Up Your Toolbox

Sure, you need your floaties, swimming goggles, and sunscreen but don’t forget to get all your pool tools in order. Assembling items like algaecide, a leaf scooper, a pool vacuum, and a testing kit will ensure you keep your pool in good working order all season long.

6. Test the Water

The last and perhaps most important step is to test the water before letting anyone dive in. Check the water for a proper pH balance after running the circulation system for a couple of hours.

We Can Give You the Complete Experience

Your pool is a serious investment, so we hope these tips will help you enjoy a safe and fun summer full of swimming! Make proper pool maintenance a part of your routine, and you and your loved ones will have a great time!

Whether you’re looking for a pool remodel, unique water features, or even a creative landscape to complete your ultimate backyard experience we can help!

Take a look through our portfolio here for some inspiration and when you’re ready, get in touch with our team of experts!

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