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Fall Update on Our Outdoor Oasis Pool Project

Late summer storms and unpredictable weather may have steered our project off track for a bit, but the Complete

Landsculpture team is working hard to get the Texas-sized outdoor oasis ready for launch.

We had a lot of exciting things going on the last time we updated you guys on the project, like laying the pool foundation and implementing skilled masonry pieces to pull the space together. Need a refresher on where the project left off? Check out our blog post on it here.

As the summer heat is finally on its way out and the cool fall temperatures are on their way in, we’re breaking ground on some exciting aspects of a project of this size. The cabana and the kitchen have been framed, and the concept of the space is coming together nicely.

The Next Steps on Our To-Do List

Like we mentioned above, there are a lot of different aspects of our project being completed at the moment. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything we’re working on right now:

  • Pool plumbers are finalizing their runs to the equipment vault.
  • Our Certified Arborists are trimming the trees and clearing out foliage to enlarge the footprint around the pool.
  • Electricians and plumbers will run their wiring and piping inside the walls for the kitchen.
  • Running the electrical for the fireplace.
  • Installing water lines for the Jet Stream cooling.
  • Running electrical runs for the space heaters in the cabana.
  • We are working on the walls surrounding the pool.
  • Running various underground utilities such as gas, electrical, AV, irrigations, and drainage lines.

It may seem like we have a lot on our hands, but that’s where our expert planning comes into play. We’re able to execute tasks ranging from electrical, to construction, to landscape planning at the same time because our team created a solid plan before beginning.

Now, if you look through our to-do list above, you’ll notice mention of electrical work. When planning a pool, especially one of this magnitude, many soon-to-be pool owners don’t realize how important a certified electrician is to this process. We want to take some time to focus on this aspect so you can better understand where we are at in the outdoor oasis project.

The Importance of an Electrician in Pool Planning and Execution

If you’ve decided to embark on the exciting journey of having a pool installed on your property, you don’t have to be an expert on the process, that’s what we’re here for! However, having an understanding of what the process entails and what to expect can make things run much more smoothly for you. Plus, it’ll make you appreciate your new pool even more!

It’s Complicated

Contrary to popular belief, a pool is so much more than just a big hole in the ground. This is especially true for homeowners that have large outdoor spaces with various elements surrounding the pool area.

Pools and spas are made up of complex systems like pumps, chlorinators, filters, and heaters. These systems don’t only need an expert to install, but longevity and safety must have an expert electrician maintain the system as well.

Some of the more basic projects can survive without an electrician’s consult, but if you’re installing a spa, you absolutely need an electrician on board with your project.

Can an Electrician Consult on Your Pool Installation Save You Money?

Yep! Here are a few ways how:

  • An electrician can ensure the pool plans are in order and align with the electrical needs of your system, saving you from costly repairs after construction.
  • Your pool can account for nearly 20% of your energy bill, consulting an electrician can help you bring down the running costs of your pool and spa.
  • Electricians can recommend more energy-efficient options for running your pool and spa.

We hope this information was helpful for those of you who are interested in getting your own pool project going. If you’re ready to take the plunge, let us start your pool project. We can help!

Take a minute to check out what our pool experts can do for you and then look through our portfolio for some inspiration and examples of our craftsmanship.

Let the Experts Guide You on Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Are you ready to build the pool of your dreams? We can help! Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation. We’ll send our team of experts over to you to learn about your goals and vision. We’ll give you some fresh perspectives on the way to make it all work.

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