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Use Lighting to Complete Your Pool Area

You had to sit back and wait all winter long for it to be the perfect weather to open up your pool! Now that spring and summer are finally here, why waste any more time?

Whether you’re looking to enjoy some alone time by the pool or you’re a fan of hosting, we’ve got a few ideas to spruce up your pool area and make it the complete outdoor experience!

If you’re looking for a simple way to spruce up your pool area, quality lights may be just what you need. With the right touches and expert installation, you can enjoy your pool well after the sun has set. Here are some of our best pool lighting ideas to date!

Completing Your Pool Area with Quality Lighting

The right touch of beautiful and functional lighting can be just the detail your landscape needs to wow guests and create the ambiance you crave. Here are some great ways to do just that.

1. Light Your Deck

Outdoor lamps can make a great addition to any pool deck that adds style and an element of safety. Not only does it make the whole space easier to see, but it can be great background lighting for the pool itself.

2. Mood Lighting

We’re not suggesting college dorm style strobe lights, but having soft color changing mood lighting can be an exciting feature when paired with the right pool area and landscape. It makes night time swims safer and, if you have small kids, they’ll love them!

3. Moonlighting

This dreamy and advanced technique is one of our favorites; mount lights below trees or the soffit of your home or pool house to create the appearance of moonlight against your pool.

We can also install moonlighting in your trees to give your pool area security lights that are attractive.

4. Water Features

When you work with an expert team like the one at Complete Landsculpture, we can craft a complete package. Implementing backlights from below cascades or adding in touches of light in a fountain to create drama and draw attention to attractive features.

5. Dimmers

We can designate different zones for lighting so that during certain times of night or even for different purposes (a relaxing night by the pool vs. a backyard BBQ with the neighbors), you can control the lights in each area and even dim when you want.

6. Expert Techniques

Although this isn’t a specific example, it is important to note that having a lighting expert can make or break your pool experience.

While design and maintenance are essential aspects of great lighting, so is choosing the best products. An expert knows the lighting in the pool area should be glare-free to eliminate the risk of accident as well as making the space uncomfortable.

We Can Help

We hope these tips have sparked some interest or inspiration, so you’re ready to make a splash with your pool area this summer! If you’re a visual person, take a look through our portfolio for some ideas.

When you’re ready to talk get in touch with us to schedule your free consultation! We’ll send over a team of experts to hear your ideas and walk you through the best option!

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