Our Outdoor Oasis is Beginning to Take Form

Have you been keeping up with our Texas-sized outdoor oasis project? While spring storms may have set us back, we’re still making great progress and hitting project milestones.

As we’re nearing the end of the project, we’re excited to finally reach the fun part of constructing pools, where we make it look like more than just a giant hole in the backyard! That’s right, our Texas-sized outdoor oasis is finally taking shape, and we’re more excited than ever to see the final product.

The Complete Landsculpture team is working hard on the foundation, masonry, and tree work, and we have to say we’re pretty impressed with our work! Here’s a quick overview of the following steps. If you’re toying with the idea of bringing your pool dream to life, here’s a little background on how we can make that happen.

Bringing the Pool to Life

This is where things get exciting, and your personality can shine through. Our pool designers and consultants are certainly up to date on the latest trends and standards of pool design, but we also consider your vision and find a way to align all of the above.

With masonry and landscaping, you can really tie together your pool area while showing off your taste—the Complete Landsculpture team will be there to guide you from project conception through completion.

Before getting into the fun design aspects, a solid foundation must be laid. Otherwise, your outdoor oasis won’t be around for long.

It All Starts With the Foundation

Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply renovating your pool area, there’s nothing like custom masonry work to pull the space together. Beneath every great hardscape is a solid foundation. Masonry foundation can be made of concrete block or brick masonry units, and the specific type will be determined by our team of experts depending on the project you’re having done.

Concrete block masonry is the most common choice as it is cost-effective, and its unattractive appearance will be hidden. Our goal with the foundation is to be able to sufficiently support the weight of the structure and lateral loads imposed by the soil in the surrounding areas. This foundation must be durable to withstand aggressions from soil and groundwater.

Our team of designers can implement a well-balanced mix of tile, stone, brick, concrete, etc. We’ll come together to bring your vision to life! Our team can expertly design, install, and repair the masonry you choose to use.

Adding Personality to Your Pool

This stage of the project is all about the details. Our team is working hard to find ways to make the pool and the surrounding area feel like more than just a pool, and the right masonry work can do just that. Here are just a few examples of how we use masonry to give your pool area personality.

Decorative Accents

Make your pool stand out by adding in a combo of pavers and stones. We can create custom borders, patterns, and accents that take the look of your pool and patio to the next level. Colored borders can be used in patio flooring to define outdoor rooms, decorative tiles can lead the eye to different design aspects, and using the right colors can help define a sun shelf.

Built-In Seating

What’s an outdoor oasis without some areas for lounging? We can craft permanent lounge chairs in a space like the shallow area of the pool to give you in-water sun chairs. You could also add in-water side tables, benches, or a swim-up bar. These features can help tie together the perfect space for those that love to entertain.

Fire Features

With a poolside fireplace, you can enjoy your pool well into the night or even on cool nights and fall days. Give your guests a place to warm up after a swim with a beautiful fireplace. Our team of designers can work with you to find the best balance for your landscape.

When it comes to masonry details, the possibilities are truly endless! Get in touch with our team of pool designers today to learn more about what we can do and to discuss your vision for your own outdoor oasis.

Define Your Pool Area with the Right Landscaping

Getting an expert’s opinion and guidance is completely necessary when it comes to the landscaping around your pool. Tree work is a sensitive matter for various reasons, ranging from avoiding future issues with tree roots and your pool’s plumbing and foundation to choosing the right plants that won’t dirty up your pool.

We truly believe that landscaping is critical to completing the overall look of your pool area. Here are a few things we take into consideration before planning a pool area’s landscape.

  • Root System: Does the tree have a shallow root system? Roots can get into plumbing and cause concrete to crack.
  • Leaf Drop: Choosing the right tree is essential; otherwise, you’ll be spending more time cleaning seeds out of the pool filter than splashing around. We look for tree species that have minimal leaf drop and that aren’t messy.
  • Match Your Aesthetic: Finally, we want to find a tree and landscape accents that tie into your pool’s theme. Is your outdoor living space more Mediterranean, desert oasis, tropical? Knowing this will be the most important factor in choosing landscaping for your pool area.

Choosing your landscape may not seem like the most important part of a pool project, but it’s well worth the consideration. We want to ensure that the look of your outdoor area is on point and in line with the upkeep and maintenance you’re willing to commit to. Take a look through our portfolio for some inspiration!

Let the Experts Guide You

Are you ready to build the pool of your dreams? We can help! Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation. We’ll send our team of experts over to you to learn about your goals, vision, and to give you some fresh perspectives on the way to make it all work.

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