Perk up Your Pool With a Fountain!

Winter is the perfect time for dreaming and planning— particularly for dreaming about and planning out your summer fun. And what’s more fun in Texas than hanging out at the pool on long hot summer days?

But maybe you’ve gotten a little bored with your poolscape. Perhaps you want to perk things up a bit without doing a total overhaul. If that’s the case, then we have the perfect suggestion. Add a pool fountain! Or even two pool fountains! 

There are many practical and luxurious reasons to add a fountain to your existing pool— or incorporate them into your new pool plans. Here are just a few:

Pool Fountains Cool Your Pool

And who doesn’t want that during North Texas’ stiflingly hot summer months? No one wants to jump into a pool that feels like a bathtub. We want to jump into a nice cool refreshing oasis.

A pool fountain can help you make that happen. How? Aeration. A pool fountain sprays water into the air, which introduces oxygen to the tiny water droplets. The introduction of oxygen cools the droplets down so that when they fall back into the pool they bring the cooler temps with them.

You can expect a 2-4 degree drop in your pool water’s overall temperature by consistently running a single fountain. 

Fountains Circulate Pool Water

As you know, circulating the water in your pool is essential in maintaining the health of your pool. Circulation distributes water chemicals, moves pool water through the filtration system, and prevents unwanted things that grow in stagnant water.

Although you already have a pump to serve this purpose, adding a fountain will increase the circulation of your pool’s water. More than one fountain can increase benefits as well. 

Pool Fountains Are Stress Relievers

If you already use your poolscape for relaxation, then a fountain can double the benefits! Imagine the soothing sounds of a soothing waterfall right in your own backyard! The stress relief and relaxation that you feel when you hear the sounds of running water aren’t in your head.

Research has shown listening to water sounds reduces stress for many people. And if a fountain is mounted above head height, swimmers can stand under the spray and let the water run down over their heads and shoulders. What could be more relaxing than that the end of a hot day?

Pool Fountains Mask Obnoxious Noises

Are you tired of listening to the sounds of the city, your neighbors, construction, or traffic? Would you use your outdoor area more if you didn’t have to be accosted by them every time you walk outside?

Here’s a solution: install a pool fountain. Research shows the sound of a pool fountain diverts our attention from freeways sounds and other major road traffic sounds. 

Pool Fountains Are Fun!

Kids love to splash! And so do adults when the circumstances are ripe for it. And not only are fountains highly splashable, but they can also create beautiful rainbows when the conditions are right. 

Pool Fountains Can Add Beauty to Your Landscape

You may have walked through downtown Dallas and experienced the beautiful fountains there. Why not bring some of that beauty into your own backyard?

Even a simple fountain can add aesthetic value to your home. And we all know that increasing aesthetic value increases your home’s value too!

Here Are a Few Pool Fountain Basics

Most pool fountains are powered by the pool’s circulation system. There are two basic types of fountains on the market: one that attaches to the side of the pool and one that floats.

Poolside Fountain

For a poolside fountain, an adapter is attached to a return jet. This diverts the water that would usually be pushed back into the pool into the fountain instead. A pipe is then attached to the adapter, which is then topped off with a fountain nozzle. And there you have it, a pool fountain!

Floating Fountain

For a floating fountain, you attach an adapter to a return jet in much the same way that you do with the poolside fountain. The difference is that instead of a pipe, you attach a hose to the adapter.

The hose then runs through the water, where it connects to the fountain nozzle. The fountain is usually weighted to keep it upright while it floats on the water’s surface. Many floating pool fountains come with a clear hose so that they blend in and don’t create an unsightly aesthetic.

Fountains Can Come With Features!

Although some pool fountains only spray water, others have additional features. 

Integrated Lights

A pool fountain that has integrated lights lights up the fountain and water coming from it at night to stunning effect. If you are looking for something really fun, you can even buy a model with multicolored lights!

Spray Patterns

Depending on your budget, you could stay simple or go all out with spray patterns. Some pool fountains give you more than one option about where and when the water is sprayed.

These have an adjustable nozzle or multiple nozzles that allow you to direct the spray in different directions and at different strengths. Add some music to the mix, and you have your own water show!

Pool Fountain Design and Installation

Although there are fountain models out there that you can purchase and install yourself, we highly suggest hiring an expert for installation. That way, you can be confident that your fountain will be safe and efficient as well as provide your desired wow factor. 

Call Our Experts

Call our experts at Complete Landscultpture for a consultation! At the consultation, we talk with you about what you want to achieve with your fountain, look at your current pool situation, and help you design just the right fountain for your poolscape!

Then, when you are ready, our team of professionals will expertly install everything that you need to make your dream come true!

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