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8 Simple Solutions for Small Yards

If expanding square footage isn’t a possibility, we have plenty of other creative ideas to make your outdoor space look and feel bigger than it actually is.

Just because you have a small area to work with doesn’t mean you can’t have your outdoor dream space, read on for our simple solutions.

The Complete Landsculpture team has been serving homeowners for over three decades; we’ve seen it all.

You don’t have to miss out on a beautiful and inviting backyard just because you lack the square footage. Take a look at some of our design tips for creating space, which ones would you be interested in implementing?

1. Have Something Worth Looking At

A simple arbor or pergola could do wonders for a small space. These are classic small yard design solutions and give homeowners and guests something to look at.

And they can frame any view and incorporate shrubs, small trees, or even garden art to get more bang for your buck.

2. Create Spaces

By dividing your one open space into various smaller spaces, you can actually create some breathing room. Doing this will only work if divided by function.

3. Use Elevated Surfaces

A raised bed, wooden deck, or any other construction hardscape can be used to create a terraced effect, which can do wonders for small spaces.

4. Pave the Way with Hardscapes

Especially useful if you go the division route and split your yard into functional areas, gravel and stone can create a visual signal that unifies various spaces.

5. Vertical Features

One of our favorites, and unique, aspects to make any yard feel bigger. Consider vines or potted plants hung on a wall could do the trick.

6. Hanging Planters

In line with vertical features, a hanging planter can create interest and draw sight to the sky, creating a feeling of space.

7. Foliage and Texture

Big and bold plants will change the scale of any backyard space, ask one of our landscape experts what plants would look best in your area and complement your property.

8. Plant Everywhere

Small garden means small space, don’t waste it. Use every inch wisely and break up your flowers with some stepping stones where fitting.

One of our landscape designers can recommend a variety of plants and flowers that will add interest, color, and ultimately help you achieve the oasis feeling in your own backyard.

We Can Help

Did any of these ideas get you thinking about what you want from your own space? Check out our portfolio for some inspiration.

Big ideas can transform any space, no matter how small, and give you that sanctuary feel without having to move homes. When you’re ready to live your COMPLETE outdoor experience, we’re here to help!

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