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Why Concrete Is The Answer to Your Backyard Design Problem

Looking for a creative and elegant touch to upgrade your backyard? We’re sure you’ll laugh when we say that concrete may be the answer to your design answers, but we’re serious!

It may not be as beautiful as unique stones or other elegant materials, but when it comes to concrete, you can do SO much.

Even for a hard, gray material concrete can actually allow you to be totally creative. We’re going to dive into some of our favorite ways to use concrete in landscape designs.

Updating Your Backyard With Concrete

Concrete isn’t only for patios, in fact, the right plan and placement can lead to concrete being an elegant touch to any design.

Create Cohesion

Have a large and spread out yard? Use concrete to define the space by creating a pathway or steps.

This will make your space feel more unified and be a practical touch (i.e., when it rains) as well as allowing you complete control to customize these accents.

You can speak with one of our in-house designers about adding special touches like mixing stones or other materials into the path.

Construction Hardscapes

We love a great built-in piece like fire pits, fountains, or even retaining walls.

The incorporation of a hardscape can extend your home beyond the walls of your house and open the space up to be more inviting for guests. Use the hardscape as the focal point of your space; get hardscape inspiration here!

Creative Gardening Pieces

Concrete is the perfect material to use for a tiered garden effect. Build partitions that have planters included in the design and use this to partition off or define barbecue spaces.

We can also use this concept to construct a pergola or raised garden effect to show off your favorite

Make Your Space Pop

Even if the concrete doesn’t serve a specific purpose (like a planter or pathway), you can still use it to delineate spaces in a way that pops.

Whether your yard is minimalist of features many accents, you can use concrete in a way that makes it stand out from the rest (in the best way).

If you currently have or are thinking of adding a statue to your property, we can install concrete platforms that support your art.

Let’s Talk

Whether you have a few ideas or you’re not even sure where to begin, we can help! Let’s talk about your landscape dreams and our team of qualified experts and design professionals will bring your vision to life.

We’ll collaborate on your complete vision, style, and intended use to make sure you’re living the complete outdoor experience!

Looking for inspiration? Take a look through our portfolio and then fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch!

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