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Step Up Your Landscape with This Design Element

After spending so much time in your backyard during the warmer months, you may be feeling like its time to revamp or redecorate.

While you may not be ready to take on a largescale project, we have plenty of options for a striking addition. If you’re looking for a simple design addition to change things up, we have just the solution, landscape stairs!

You can make your yard more beautiful and practical just by adding in landscape stairs. Not only is this addition uncomplicated it can have a huge payoff in the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Taking Steps to a More Beautiful Yard

Landscape stairs won’t just make your yard more interesting, but they’ll also go a long way in making your yard more accessible.

Open Your Yard

A lot of times homeowners think they don’t have much space, but it’s because they discount areas with slopes or grades in the land. If you have these in your backyard, adding landscape stairs can make these areas more useful.

Easy Process

The best part of this project? It takes no time. This element is an easy installation that could transform your yard in a weekend or less.

Add Intrigue

Steps are an interesting addition to any landscape that can create a sense of adventure. Even if they are practical for your yard, landscape stairs are an appealing design element.

Choosing the Right Design

Another reason we love landscape stairs is because of the endless possibilities when it comes to design. Choosing a shape, material, size, etc. can all create a specific feel for your backyard space.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in your yard, here are some ideas for landscape stairs.

Natural Flagstone

This idea can give a rustic focal point for your landscape.

Concrete Pavers

Great for properties in areas with extreme weather condition as well as those looking for a variety in shape and size.

Stamped Concrete

Offering the durability of concrete but giving softer textures and natural, earthy tones.

Enhancing Landscape Stairs

If you decide to incorporate landscape stairs into your backyard, we recommend installing lighting, too. The addition of footpath lights or security lights can help make your whole yard accessible even when the sun goes down.

Additionally, landscape stairs can also serve as a clever way to hide retainer walls or add in planters. Regardless of why you choose to install landscape stairs, there’s no doubt that they’ll open your yard up and make it more interesting to look at.

We Can Help

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