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Extend Your Living Space Beyond the Home

Hosting an outdoor party is a lot of fun, but depending on how much space you have making the guest list can feel like a challenge.

Have you run into the problem where you wanted to invite a lot of people, but your current outdoor space doesn’t permit? We’ll run through some of the top reasons for extending your living space well beyond your home.

Extending your patio space, adding the right features, and hardscapes are just a few great reasons to invest in your outdoor space. See our reasons for extending your living space.

More Room to Entertain

When you extend your space, you’re creating more area to invite guests (think weekend BBQs, birthday parties, or even family dinners). This is the top reason most of our clients come to us for extending their living space.

Adds Value to Your Property

When you use the right materials combined with a good design, you’re making your home more attractive. If you ever decide to sell, you’ll have attractive features to offer.

Get Creative

Extra outdoor space means you have more to work with and you’ll be able to incorporate design elements that represent your desired outdoor experience.

Want some inspiration for outdoor spaces? Take a look through our portfolio.

How to Extend Your Living Space

  • Adding on to existing patios or constructing a deck are just a few options, learn about some other creative ways to take the comfort of your home and keep it going to the outside.
  • Create coverage with a pergola or retractable canopy; both can actually add some warmth to your outdoor space and with the right designer, a lot of style. Utilize both to keep your outdoor events going rain or shine.
  • Build a deck or patio, or add-on to the existing structure, which will essentially give you an extra room and make your backyard space accessible. Speak with one of our in-house designers to figure out what option is best for your space and budget.
  • Shift focus to a fire feature, like one of our beautiful fire pits or fireplaces. If you don’t have much space to work with the addition of a fire feature can create a warm atmosphere and keep guests happy. Fire features also allow for a lot of personalization, discuss options with one of our team members.
  • Learn about sunken patios, which have grown in popularity over the years. This style can add depth and visual interest and looks particularly good in expansive yards. Sunken patios can give your space interesting architectural design which we’d be happy to tell you more about.

We’re Here to Help

Ready to transform your outdoor living area? We’re here to help! The Complete Landsculpture team has been serving homeowners for over three decades.

We have a unique team of in-house designers, landscape architects, tree experts, and lawn professionals that are ready to deliver your COMPLETE outdoor experience.

Get in touch with us by filling out this form or giving us a call at 214-358-5296 if you’re in DFW or 405-789-3511 for OKC assistance.

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