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5 Stellar Ideas for a Family-Friendly Landscape

There’s a myth floating around many families that having nice things and children don’t mix!

Well, maybe that notion holds true in some ways (like with white carpet or glass décor for example), but when it comes to your backyard space, there are plenty of ways to enjoy unique design and have a family functional space.

If you have kids or frequent house guests with kids consider these landscape elements for a family-friendly outdoor space. Regardless of size, we’ll show you why you don’t have to sacrifice style or aesthetic for a dreamy backyard.

Your yard is similar to your home in the sense that it should be an enjoyable space for all, consider these design ideas for a multifunctional yard the whole family will love.

1. Making Spaces Safe for All Ages

Patios, decks, porches, etc. are fun spaces for everyone to use. There are a few easy adjustments you can make that will extend accessibility to all.

For example, installing slip- resistant surfaces like concrete, rubber flooring, or even wood decking. Install security lights or well-lit paths so that everyone can see where they’re going well into the evening.

Finally, keep plants with poisonous parts out of the areas with the most use—this can keep kids and pets safe.

2. Build a Pergola

Everyone loves a pergola; they offer shade in the summer, a comfy lounging area, and a feel of seclusion whenever you want some privacy.

Whether you have a moody teen or you need a break from playing around the pool a pergola is a great addition to any yard. Add some furniture, pretty lighting, and some personal touches for a beautiful backyard getaway.

3. Plant a Vegetable Garden

Even if you have a small plot with one or two types of veggies, you now have something that can involve the whole family.

If you don’t have a lot of space consider a raised garden, no matter the size you’ll have the benefit of working together as a family planting and harvesting your veggies.

4. Get Cozy Around a Fire Pit

Fire features are essential for anyone who likes to be outdoors. This simple addition can add elegance, design, and fun to any backyard space and it can keep your social gatherings going well beyond the summer months.

Whether you sit around telling stories or cook s’mores, it’s an easy way to get the whole family together.

Create a Sensory Garden

A great way to enjoy beautiful flowers and plants while making kids happy is to incorporate a very textured garden.

Use different pots, plant fragrances, and textured plants to have an interesting aesthetic and stimulate the senses of those around.

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