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Is It Time to Give Your Grill Area A Makeover?

A grill area that focuses as much on fun as it does on function is essential to a practical outdoor space. If you feel like your grill area isn’t living up to its potential, or you’re looking for a quick project to spruce up your backyard space, this may be a great solution for you.

Need Inspiration for Your Grilling Area?

The key to a great grilling area is only to incorporate items that have a purpose. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of clutter. Here are our favorite solutions to revamping an outdoor BBQ.

1. Add Counter Space

Looking for a simple solution to making your BBQ more functional? Easy.

More counter space is always needed. A built-in cabinet and countertop will do wonders for your cooking, but it can also instantly add style to any space. You can also add in a sink to make this prep area fully functional.

2. Install a Roof

The simple addition of a roof will transform your cooking area. Adding shelter can make your grill space usable in all weather, but be sure all structures are safe distances from open flames.

3. Pull Up a Seat

Whether this is adding in benches or buying a few stools the addition of seats will make this space instantly social and comfortable!

4. Build an Island

We love a two-level island that makes it easier to cook, serve, and eat all in one place. Use concrete or natural stones for a solid look and to make the clean-up that much easier.

5. Install an Entertainment System

If you find you’re spending more and more time out in your grill area, consider adding in a TV or radio. You can keep the party going long after the food is served.

6. Add Storage

Shelves, cabinets, or even a cart is a great addition for any grill master. Keep all of your cooking accessories and ingredients safe and out of sight. You can also hide trash cans and grill cleaning accessories in the storage as well.

7. Add Lighting

Add in romantic lighting, motion-sensor lights, or install lighting over your grill to make cooking easier at night and more exciting for entertaining.

We Can Help

The right additions can make any grill space more functional and pretty. Think about what your priorities are for your grilling area (hosting large dinner parties, feeding kids, etc.) so that you can choose the best design elements to fit your needs.

At Complete Landsculpture, our goal is to define your property uniquely while making it accessible to all who visit.

If you’re ready to enhance your landscape, but not sure where to start schedule your FREE consultation here and we’ll be in touch! Once we know your design goals, we’ll send over the right professionals to complete your outdoor experience.

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