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8 Surprising Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

A beautiful green lawn does so much more than boost curb appeal, in fact, a healthy lawn has numerous benefits for you, your home (or building), and the environment! Your lawn is much more than just a plot of grass, and we’ll show you why!

Thicker, greener, and healthier grass can have huge payoffs for you, read on as we breakdown some reasons to appreciate your lawn and the efforts you put towards preserving and maintaining it.

The Big Deal About Healthy Lawns

You may have begrudgingly paid for landscaping and lawn care over the years, but this investment was a good choice that has positive effects on your living space. Here’s why you can appreciate the time and money you have put into a well-maintained lawn.

1. Improves Water Quality

Runoff from hard surfaces, such as asphalt, have a much higher chance of being acidic than rainwater that has been filtered through the turf.

Turf improves water quality by trapping pollutants and thicker, high-quality lawns absorb much more than patchy, and weed covered lawns.

2. Reduces Erosion Rates

Healthy lawns hold soil in place and protect it against extreme weather, high winds, excess runoff, etc.

Additionally, your healthy lawn, when protected from erosion, provides a safe home for the organisms that enable strong root systems grass, trees, shrubs, and much more!

3. Helps Cool Your Home

Healthy grass is much cooler than asphalt and cement and can help curb the effect of the sun’s heat on your property.

This buffer against rising temps will keep your home cool and in turn combat high energy prices by reducing the reflectivity of the sun’s rays that often bounce off the asphalt and heat the home.

4. Lowers Noise Pollution

Want to avoid noisy neighbors or morning traffic? A healthy yard will actually absorb sound rather than amplify it, much like what happens with cement. A healthy lawn and smart landscaping can keep your home comfortable and relaxing.

5. Reduces CO2 Emissions

Certain grasses absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and convert them into oxygen. Thanks to the higher leaf density and fast growth rates, the grass is more effective at reducing CO2 emissions than native plants.

6. Increases Property Value

Whether you’re a homeowner or residential property manager, there’s no denying that a well-maintained lawn is attractive and inviting. Add value to your property and make your neighbors and guests happy.

7. Keeps Spaces Cleaner

Lush grass can help reduce pollution around the property by trapping dust, pollen, and other unwanted pollutants and breaking them down so that they are not as harmful to us.

8. Increases Sense of Well-being

If you spend a lot of your day inside at work wouldn’t you love to come home to or spend time in a space that feels like an oasis?

Well-kept yards can reduce stress and give you an inviting space to hold social events or spend some downtime.

We Can Help

We hope that this quick summary has helped you look at your lawn differently! If you’re ready to learn more about the right landscaping plan for your needs, let’s talk!

Our team of landscape experts will transform your landscape and guide you all the way from project inception to correct after-care. Schedule a consultation today!

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