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Don’t Let Your Holiday Lights Damage Your Landscape

It’s that time of year! Everyone’s pulling out their boxes of tangled holiday lights and decorations to start getting into the holiday spirit. Everyone loves looking at Christmas lights, including us! So please don’t think we’re the Grinch when you hear what we’re about to say…

Christmas lights and lawn decorations are harmful to your landscape. Now, with that being said we know that many homeowners and property managers are still going to light up their lawns.

That’s okay! All we ask is that you take some of these tips into consideration to ensure your lawn, trees, and overall landscape are protected and will make it through the new year.

Holiday Lighting and Healthy Landscapes

Here are a few important tips that can guarantee your lighting and landscape will look incredible this holiday season!

1. Inspect Your Lights

This is the most important step. Make sure that your lights are rated for outdoor use; there should be a tag that indicates if they are safe for outdoor or indoor use. NEVER use indoor lights in your landscape.

Additionally, inspect that there are no frays in the wires and be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure you don’t overload and create a power outage, or worse, a fire hazard.

2. Avoid Tight Wrapping

If you’re going to wrap or hang lights on your trees, make sure that you don’t wrap the wiring too tightly around the trunk or branches. Damage to the tree bark or the tissue can lead to disease and fungi growth.

3. Use Holders

Consider purchasing sturdy plastic stakes or clips to fasten your lights. Tacks or nails can cause damage to your home (roof, gutter, etc.) as well as your trees and plants, especially if you use larger bulbs.

4. Outlet Safety

Use ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. These outlets will shut down the circuit if there’s too much current, keeping your home safe.

You can have an electrician install one for you, or you can purchase a portable unit for temporary use.

5. Go for Lightweight Decorations

A great way to ensure you aren’t putting too much stress on your lawn, plants, and trees is to opt for lightweight lights and decorations. Heavier decorations may damage soil, crush grass, and distort plants and branches.

6. Keep a Clear Yard

General lawn upkeep will keep holiday décor hazards at bay. Removing fallen branches, raking up leaves, and removing snow will keep your yard clean and healthy. Remember, we offer general clean-up services!

7. Put Lights on a Timer

By putting lights and other electronic decorations on a timer, you’ll save yourself time and trouble and make everything just generally more convenient.

When you have to continuously walk throughout your yard every morning and night to plug and unplug you’re putting stress on your lawn and soil.

We Can Help

The team at Complete Landsculpture wishes you a happy and safe holiday! We’re here to help with any design, maintenance, or landscape needs.

Schedule a FREE consultation today, and our team of experts will help bring your vision to life!

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