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Bringing Nature to Your Backyard


Are you looking for ways to “nature up” your backyard? Many of us are spending a whole lot more time at home right now. Our world view is defined by what we see on the internet and what’s happening right outside our back door, literally in our back yard.

And what’s more fun and grounding than watching birds, butterflies, and other critters? Not only is it fun to see a beautiful green lizard skitter across your fence rail, but spending time in nature helps relieve stress and give you a much-needed break from the uncertainty that we are all facing.

So how do you build a backyard that combines smart landscaping and the experience of being in a wildlife garden? Here are a few tips that can be used for a project of any scale!

1. Go Rustic

Natural materials attract wildlife as well as bring a natural aesthetic to your yard. When creating a backyard wildlife garden, rustic hardscaping is the way to go.

Not only is going rustic beautiful, but using natural stone, rocks, and wood in your hardscaping can create beautiful paths, seating areas, and focal points.

2. Go Local

Using native plants that thrive in your specific region is the quickest way to attract native butterflies, insects, and other beneficial critters who naturally rely on these plants.

Not only can the use of native plants decrease your water bill, but you will no longer have to rely on as many synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Not only that, but your use of native plants will mark you as a proud representative of your home town!

3. Attract Pollinators

Bees and other pollinators have got it rough right now. While scientists work to figure out the root of the problem, you can use your backyard as a haven for them.

Local pollinators love native plants. So if you feature these plants in your backyard garden, then the bees and butterflies will be sure to visit often.

Some higher maintenance plants are critical for bees and other bugs. Their inclusion in your deign may add an occasional headache, but they will also increase the aesthetic beauty of your yard as well as provide a lot of pollen for bees.

4. Incorporate Water

If you want to broaden the ecological diversity of your backyard wilderness, incorporate small ponds or streams. Or both! Water attracts insects, birds, and small mammals.

The soothing sounds of a stream or fountain also goes a long way in drowning out noise pollution and giving you a place to destress and relax. Adding fish can be a fun way to bring more life into your yard- and the insects attracted by the water are perfect fish food!

We Can Help

Bringing more nature into your landscape can be as simple as adding a few new elements to an existing design or overhauling the whole yard and starting over.

Whatever the size of the project, we’re here to help. Give us a call today!

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