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Outdoor Features: Fire Pit or Fire Place?

Outdoor features, especially fire features, can add a lot to your outdoor spaces: entertainment, warmth, and an overall experience that will likely keep you and your loved ones outside year-round.

Not even sure that your backyard oasis needs a fire feature? See how they can transform your space. At Complete Landsculpture we believe fire features can add a lot of value to any property:

  • Both fire pits and fireplaces will add appeal and value to your home by giving it a unique accent that guests and buyers alike will love. Plus, it will go much further than providing monetary value as the time you’ll likely spend there with loved ones will be far more valuable.
  • Extend the space and comfort of your home to the backyard. When you have an outdoor fire feature, you won’t have to run back inside every time the temps drop. 
  • You can entertain neighbors, family, and friends alike with either feature. Host a s’mores party or wine night with some fire in the background.

Now that you can see why either feature will be great for your property, let’s look at which one will be right for you! 

What Will You Use It For?

First, ask yourself how you plan to use it. The answer to this question will generally be what makes the decision. After you think about that, take a look at these points to finalize your choice.

Fire Pits

Generally thought of to be more interactive as you and your guests can sit around it. You also have the added benefit of creating seating all around it and is perfect for people with frequent visitors or large families. Another plus is that you can do some camp style cooking right in your backyard.

Fire Places

While still lovely, they are more restrictive in that you can only sit in front of it—which is great if you have a small family or more intimate gatherings in your home. The design can be considered a little more elegant and can be incorporated into a pavilion which means you can use your fireplace come rain or shine! 

The Burning Question

With all of these outdoor features in mind it’s important that you ask yourself these questions when making a final decision:

  • How many people do you want to accommodate?
  • What is your aesthetic goal?
  • How big is your space?
  • What is your budget?

We Can Help

Each of these questions is great starting points to go over with one of our experts. We’ve been transforming landscapes for three decades. Get in touch with us to make your final decision and start enjoying your own complete outdoor experience! 

Get a free consultation from one of our experts by filling out this form. 

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