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Outdoor Living: Making Your Space Summer Heat Friendly

Summer is officially here! The weather has been interesting, but you know that won’t last long. The Texas heat is coming and will take us through August.

  • Unseasonal storms
  • Temperatures all over the map

Have you dreamed of hosting summer cookouts, pool parties, or other fun outdoor activities for your friends and family? Or maybe you already host them, but everyone ends up indoors while you are standing next to the barbecue sweating?

The truth is that most of us retreat to the AC filled house for the summer. It’s a shame not to be able to enjoy nature outside just because of the heat.

Not to mention you have built a beautiful outdoor living area that’s going to waste! So, what’s the answer?

Let’s Talk About Shade

Have you ever been in your yard or on a restaurant patio and tried to chase the shade made by that lonely umbrella stuck in the middle of your table?

No matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible. Let’s go beyond the umbrella and look at other options that will ensure a cool, relaxed setting where you won’t have to chase the shade.

Size and Placement Matter

The deeper the shade and the longer the area stays shady, the more relaxed you will be. Covered patios can be custom designed to complement your home’s architecture style and your lifestyle.

  • Canopies
  • Pergolas
  • Ramadas
  • Gazebos
  • Awnings

These structures not only benefit you in the summer but can elevate your outdoor area to a year-round destination by providing shelter from the rain and protection from the cold winds of winter.

Ceiling Fans Aren’t Just for Indoors

Make your beautiful patio, pergola, or ramada even more practical by adding a ceiling fan. With all of the design options out there, you can keep the air circulating as well as add design elements to your space.

Another benefit that you get with an outdoor ceiling fan is pest control. Outdoor fans create an area that is difficult for many bugs to fly through, which keeps the flies and mosquitos at bay while you enjoy yourself.

Two practical things to keep in mind:

  • Be certain the structure will support the weight of a ceiling fan
  • Be sure you have the wiring ready to go.

Trees and Plants Are a Natural Solution

Trees provide much needed-shade and add privacy. When placed strategically, they can also help decrease your cooling bill.

And they provide other advantages like preventing soil erosion and decreasing water evaporation from lawns (which will save you money over the long run).

Well-placed large plants act as a natural sunblock while still allowing air to circulate. On those hot summer days when there is a breeze, you will enjoy it as well as the shade from larger plants.

How About a Cooling Mister?

You’ve enjoyed the benefits of misters while at your favorite restaurant for brunch. Why not bring them into your personal outdoor oasis?

Misters release tiny particles of water that vaporize instantly. This chills the air and envelops you in a cool refreshing mist.

Concerned about the challenges of wind, overspray, and large droplets that create puddles? Hiring an expert to assist you in design and installation will reduce the hassle and worry and ensure that your system will function efficiently.

Or Even Better— Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning outdoors? Absolutely! Evaporative coolers blow hot air through wet dry filters creating a fabulous air cooling system.

They are portable so you can move them to the areas where they are most needed. You can use them in open areas, on patios and even in garages. All you need to provide is power and water supply!

April Showers in August

Bring the shower outdoors! Standing under cool cascading water is a sure way to cool yourself down. A shower will also ensure that more of your swimmers will shower before getting in the pool— and your rough little players can rinse off the mud and dirt before coming in the house.

Don’t Forget About the Snacks and Beverages

Keep people outside by making sure they don’t have to go indoors for food and beverages. Perhaps your space and budget would allow for a full outdoor kitchen.

Or maybe something smaller like a bar area with a refrigerator or cleverly constructed ice coolers. Size doesn’t matter.  As long as you keep the cool beverages and snacks stocked up, your guests will be happy!

Could You Be Getting More out of Your Outdoor Living Space?

Will it accommodate the summer heat?

Have you been dreaming of elevating your outdoor area from just a “backyard” area?

Do you want an area you can use as a year-round oasis? 

Let Us Help You

There are a lot of simple and straightforward ideas that can turn your desire into reality. But with so many design options and practical considerations, the guidance of experts can make the implementation process quicker and smoother.

Complete Landsculpture is a full-service landscaping company that can assist you in deciding which of these elements would work best in your space. We have the talent on our team not only to design great spaces but to implement that design efficiently and gracefully.

Finding the Perfect Products

We also have relationships with great distributors who can find us the perfect product to meet your needs and outside contractors to engage if an aspect of the project is outside of our area of expertise. If you want help with your dream project, give us a call to set up a consultation!

With a few adjustments, your yard will be the go-to venue for friends and family who want to enjoy the outdoors without the misery of the sweltering summer heat. And you won’t be left standing alone by the barbecue watching the kids in the pool while the rest of the adults are inside!

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