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What Power Washing Can Do For Your Patio

We’re coming off of the tail end of summer, and if you have a patio, we’re sure you got a lot of use out of it the last few months. Early morning coffees, late-night barbecues, and everything in between.

Surely there are a few reminders of all the fun you had over the summer! And since your patio is outside, there’s no shame in leaving the cleanup to a later date, but now that Fall is just around the corner it’s time you give your patio a good cleaning.

With time and prolonged use, it’s typical to see stains (or even moss) making itself known on the concrete around your patio. Sometimes the only thing you need to transform your outdoor space is a deep clean.

When Was the Last Time You Power Washed Your Patio, If Ever?

If you’re looking for simple ways to update your backyard, here’s three reasons why power washing may be a great option for tackling your patio.

1. Enhance Concrete

Keeping your patio presentable and party-ready will require a little work. Whether excessive foot traffic, fallen tree debris, or even oil from your BBQ has made its way on to the concrete its nothing a professional power wash can’t handle.

2. Save You Time

Power washing will save you time AND money! With most things around the home, regular maintenance will go a long way in the preservation of your patio and outdoor space.

A regular power wash can eliminate contaminants that contribute to dry rot and mold growth and keep your patio clean and ready for any updates down the road. Also, it’s a great chemical-free approach to keeping your outdoor space clean.

3. Protect Your Investment

When you have a patio installed, you’re investing in your property. Regular upkeep will not only keep it beautiful, but it will help you stay on top of any small issues before they become bigger ones.

Your patio is regularly exposed to natural and man-made elements, like sunlight, rain, wind, dirt, pollution, smoke, etc. When your patio is power washed you’ll be ridding it of these elements, while having the chance to get a good look at any issues like cracks or holes that may be forming.

Did any of these three reasons strike a chord with you? So, while you won’t always be able to see the buildup of the nitty gritty, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

An accumulation of dirt is no reflection of your cleaning skills; it’s just a part of your patio being exposed to the elements.

We Can Help

So, to keep your outdoor space in tip-top condition, we recommend adding a regular power wash into your seasonal maintenance.

If you’re looking for other simple ways to update your backyard space or you think your landscape could benefit from a general clean-up, let us know!

Fill out our contact form here, and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP!

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