Realizing Big Dreams in a Small Space

A garden or landscape doesn’t have to be significant to be world-class. Just do a Google search. There are 1000’s of Pinterest Boards and websites filled with stunning photos of small space landscapes that are breathtaking. 

But getting those results can be frustrating, to say the least. Not liking what you see when you look at your own tiny yard or terrace?

Made multiple trips back and forth to the do-it-yourself store and still feeling drab? Never fear. You can conquer that small space and turn it into a beautiful intimate oasis.

Details Are The Key

Small space landscaping can be very exciting. You just have to reset your perspective and know where to focus. When working with a small space, the details are the key.

People who enjoy the space notice the small details and have a more intimate relationship with the elements.  The other thing is it’s exciting about working with a small space?

Your budget goes further. Working with a small space may mean you can also do more ambitious things with the budget— like choose the hand-crafted water fountain that you have been dreaming of or have those paving tiles flown in from Italy.

But we do recognize small spaces do come with challenges. Here are ten Complete Landsculpture tips on what to consider when chasing those big small space dreams.

  • Start on the ground
  • Pick the perfect palette
  • Create mini-beds and destinations
  • Terracing, terracing, terracing
  • Go Vertical
  • Embrace Scale
  • Privacy Please
  • The Soothing Sound of Water
  • Color in Containers
  • Indulge Yourself

1. Start on the Ground

Mixing complementary paving materials together will not only lay the foundation for your space but will add color and style. Using a combination of stones and other materials will also add a sense of space that may not have been there before.

2. Pick the Perfect Palette

When it comes to small landscapes, the bolder, the better. Consider how color plays out in all elements of your design— from the pavers to walls to furniture to plants and flowers.

Pick your perfect palette and stick with it. A hodgepodge of colors fighting for attention makes a small space feel cluttered.

3. Create Mini-Beds and Destinations

Typical of small space design is that there are no grand views. Often there is not enough space to create an outstanding focal point. Don’t fight it. Embrace it.

Break up the available space into a series of mini-beds and intimate areas that can be unexpectedly discovered. Tuck a comfy chair into a nook surrounded by fragrant flowers. Mini- beds also have the benefit of easy access for weeding and planting.

4. Terracing, Terracing, Terracing

Want to make that small space look larger than it really is?

  • Create terraces.
  • Build different levels.

You will feel like you are stepping into a separate garden with each level. This is one of the most effective approaches there is when trying to create the illusion of more space.

5. Go Vertical

Take advantage of vertical gardens along the fence line, running up an arbor or trellis or stretching upward on a brick wall/side of the house.

These structures draw the eye upward to the horizon creating the illusion of more space. You could even consider bringing in small trees for more impact.

6. Embrace Scale

No one can relax in a cluttered, squeezed-in environment. Look for smaller pieces of furniture that are in scale with their surroundings.

Also, consider choosing less furniture than you may think you need and create built-in seating areas that flow with the structural design.

7. Privacy Please

No matter how much you love your neighbors, having them looking over your shoulder while you try to relax outdoors is no fun.

Use a fence or screen to shield the view. Make it beautiful by growing something over the structure to add color and dimension.

8. The Soothing Sounds of Water

The lovely sound of trickling water relaxes the nerves and drowns out the surrounding neighborhood noise. Some small spaces can handle a water garden, but even a fountain or two in key locations in the yard will embellish your little oasis.

9. Color in Containers

Using the whole space is an essential factor when designing in a small one. Fun or elegant pots and planters filled with flowers add color and texture to even the tiniest garden corner.

The benefit of containers is that they are easy to maintain and easy to move. Remember to keep it simple to avoid overcrowding.

10. Indulge Yourself

One of the great things about small spaces is that they are small. Your budget can go further because you are covering less ground. This is your opportunity to use lavish materials that you only dreamed of in the past.

One Last Tip, Less is More

Focusing on these ten tips and some good planning will spruce up that small space in the blink of an eye. Design every inch. Use the element of surprise. And splurge on materials! One last reminder— less is always more. Choose things you absolutely love, and you will love the results.

The beauty of terrace and tiny yard landscaping is that these areas are extensions of your home. They are the extra room that you have been wanting to add on— and they are already there.

Because these little areas have to be designed with such exquisite attention to detail, they really speak to your sensibilities and personality.

We Can Help

  • Have you been frustrated with trying to design your small space?
  • Or have you done all the work without getting the results you want? 

We can help. Our Complete Landscupture team loves making big dreams come true even in the smallest of spaces. We know you have great ideas— maybe just not the expert knowledge or muscle to make it all happen.

We would be thrilled to partner with you on sculpting your own tiny oasis. Call us today to get started on realizing your own big small space dreams!

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