3 Ways Retaining Walls Add Value to Landscapes

When considering exciting additions to your landscape the first thing you think of is not likely to be a retaining wall!

However, while they may not seem to be inspirational or even beautiful characteristics to mix into your landscape, they do offer many benefits that can keep your landscape looking great and can create the illusion of space and organization.

What’s Their Role?

Retaining walls can be single, free-standing walls or part of a system of walls. They are often used on properties that have steep slopes and are designed to block soil erosion from creating a landslide and destroying the remaining landscape.

Also, a retaining wall will be a strong barrier for your landscaping to hold soil in, deal with stormwater runoff, and give you more room to plant beautiful plants!

While that’s the technical role of retaining walls they actually offer many other uses. Read on to learn more about what retaining walls can do for your landscape.

Looking for an upgrade to your landscape? Here are three ways a retaining wall may be the solution you’re looking for.

Define Space

First, let’s look at defining space. Most homeowners would drool over a huge backyard, but without proper definition and landscaping, it may just appear bare and boring.

Shrubbery and trees can define spaces, but they’re slow growing; if you don’t want to wait for them to come in then a retaining wall is an excellent choice. You can use retaining walls to frame your landscape and add texture to your property.

Terraced Garden

Second, a terraced garden may be an exciting feature. We love using retaining walls for properties on a steep slope.

If you live on a slope and have dreamt of flowery gardens or full vegetable gardens, you don’t have to worry about rainstorms washing them away as a retaining wall will offer the protection they need to thrive.

Let retaining walls provide you with the usable gardening space you desire.

Aesthetic Appeal

Third, retaining walls can offer aesthetic appeal thanks to their versatility. The options for materials are endless: timber, interlocking blocks, stone, brick, gabion, boulders, and concrete just to name a few.

Apart from materials, you can also work with one of our in-house designers to decide the size, shape, and placement throughout your property.

You can use this as the focal point of your landscape and easily design other features around your retaining wall.

Is It Right For Your Landscape?

Did any of the three reasons above resonate with you? If you’d like to learn more about why a retaining wall may be a great addition to your property or to inquire about options, give us a call!

One of our design experts or landscape specialists will be ready to give you more information about our customized and high-quality landscape solutions.

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