Spring is Coming! 5 Ways to Get Your Irrigation System Ready

Winter can do a number on your landscape, especially your irrigation system. But thankfully, better times are coming!

And as the warmer weather makes its appearance, we can all rejoice because spring is finally coming! Haven’t thought about your irrigation system?

There’s a lot that goes into getting it ready for the new season. Here’s a look at what all you can expect your irrigation expert to take care of come March.

Irrigation System Spring Start-Up Checklist

Depending on where you live, the winter chill may have put some extra stress on your irrigation system while some property owners are more fortunate to have a mild climate.

Regardless, here are the things our team will tend to get your irrigation ready for the spring.

1. Clear Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are the most vulnerable of all the irrigation system because they are exposed to the elements.

Keeping them clean and clear is essential to optimal performance. We’ll make sure no debris is blocking any holes, so that come watering season your sprinkler heads can fully function and keep your landscape healthy.

2. Replace and Upgrade

We’ll review all parts of the irrigation system and promptly remove and upgrade any outdated, damaged, or underperforming pieces.

Nozzles and sprinkler heads are the most common replacements, but we’ll do what’s necessary to keep your system running at 100%.

3. Check Components

Making sure your system is ready to go requires a little behind the scenes work as well.

We’ll inspect the mechanical components so that we don’t encounter any issues like a leaky valve that can have long-term and detrimental effects on your landscape.

4. Ease into Water

Your irrigation system has been resting for a few months, so the last thing we’ll do is turn it on full force and shock it into waking up.

These systems are delicate, and our experts will test out each zone and ease into restoring water to avoid any burst pipes or rushes of air and pressure that may do irreparable damage.

5. Get the Timing Right

Before doing any of the above, we will assure it’s the proper time to wake up your irrigation system. Even if things above ground look like they’re ready for spring break, it’s the soil beneath your lawn we want to monitor.

It’s typically the last element to thaw, and if it’s still frozen when we start your irrigation system back up, it could cause serious damage.

We Can Help

We want to make sure your landscape is not just looking great year-round but also fully functioning and working efficiently. Otherwise, you’re wasting time, money, and resources.

Taking the correct measures to restart your irrigation system can protect your investment and help you avoid a major system meltdown in the future.

You can learn more about our irrigation experts and services here. When you’re ready to get started, just fill out our contact form!

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