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5 Pet-Friendly Landscaping Tips

You love your pets AND your landscape, but sometimes the two just don’t mix. If you’ve found yourself conflicted on how to have the backyard of your dreams while maintaining a great space to keep your pooch safe and happy, read on!

Implementing pet-friendly amenities into your landscape doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice on your own desires. 

While all of these tips may not be viable for your complete outdoor experience, the key is to find a balance.

1. Water Features

Does your pup love to splash around? A great water feature like a splash fountain or stream are excellent options. Small pools and ponds are also good options, but certain precautions should be taken like a sloping side or accessible shallow steps.

2. Shade and Shelter

Spending time outside is essential, especially when you’ve put your time and money into building your own oasis. 

However, you must remember that your family pet can get sunburns, suffer from heat stroke, and discomfort just like humans. 

If you don’t have trees consider a structural addition like gazebos, pergolas, or pavilions.

3. Construction Hardscapes

If you have problems with your doggy urine spots or your dog digging up your yard adding in some construction hardscapes could be the solution. 

If you add in some crushed stone mulch, a brick patio, or stone pathways your dog will have less green grass to destroy.

4. Protect Your Trees

Dog urine can actually be harmful to your trees. A simple fix is putting up some small wire cages around trees and shrubs. 

This obviously isn’t the most attractive solution so speak with one of our landscape specialists about other options.

5. Special Area

It’s inevitable, your dog will need an area where he can answer nature’s call. Choose a corner of your yard and train your dog to use it. 

Make sure you use material that’s both easy to clean and appealing to your pet; Flagstone, pea gravel, bricks, and cedar chips are all good choices.

Final Considerations

While the above tips are very helpful, there are a few that you should make a priority when it comes to your pet’s safety.

  • Avoid spiky and thorny plants, these are hazardous and pose potential eye safety issues.
  • Avoid growing poisonous or toxic plants—see a comprehensive list here.
  • If you have a compost pile, ensure that it is well enclosed and not accessible by pets.
  • Know what treatments are going on your lawn and garden.

We Can Help

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