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5 Reasons to Build Your Pool During the Winter

For most areas around the U.S. homeowners aren’t thinking about swimming pools this time of year, in fact, it probably won’t cross anyone’s mind until Spring has made its debut, but the truth is there’s no better time to talk about pools than in the winter!

While it’s not ideal swimming time, it is the best time to design and build your pool. Here are just a few reasons why winter is the perfect time to get ready for swimming season!

1. Permits

Because most people wait until warmer weather rolls around to get started on their pools and other building projects, the permitting offices are generally bogged down by tons of requests; meaning you may not get an approval for months.

When you start your pool planning in December, January, or February, you’ll likely get your permits approved more quickly.

2. Get a Discount

The holiday season means discounts and off-peak prices are all around! Find a great discount or reasonable price on a pool unlike in the summer when they’ll be in high demand with a price tag to match.

Typically, manufacturers will start to increase prices for the new year so save yourself and get ahead!

3. Organize Landscape

Winter is the best time to do a general clean up and get your landscape in order. Your landscape specialist can develop a complete outdoor experience that integrates landscape and water features.

By planting around the pool in the winter, your plants will begin to establish themselves by spring and summer and make your backyard look like an oasis all year long!

4. Better Working Conditions

Delivering high-quality work on time is always easier when your crew has less harsh conditions to work around.

Texas winters are much milder and easier to deal with than the summer heat; making the project more manageable for the team involved.

5. Ready by Summer

Probably the best reason to start your pool planning now is the sheer fact that you’ll have it ready come summertime! There’s nothing worse than watching a pool be built all summer long and never getting to use it.

Even the most complex and custom pools can be completed during the winter. When the kids are out of school, and you’re looking for fun activities, you won’t have to go any further than your backyard.

While all sites are different and certainly have their own challenges, on average a vinyl linear pool requires a month while concrete pools need four to six weeks to complete.

In addition to the pool installation, you should also plan for another few months for the landscape design and installation. In total, you’ll need a couple of months to get your pool completed.

We Can Help

Want to have your pool ready by summer? Take the plunge and get in touch with our experts!

We’ll figure out what you’re looking for and what design elements will work best for your landscape. Take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration and let’s design your complete outdoor experience today!

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