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Fall Colors

Fall Colors

It is about that time again for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweaters, and the beginning of our holiday season. With our cool down it is the perfect time to have your trees evaluated for fall fertilization!

Fertilization begins in the fall as our temperatures become milder and we have cooler nights moving into dormancy. Dormancy is when trees concentrate the most on their root growth and recovery from our long growing season. Milder temperatures also brings our nostalgic color change of fall that we all love. Our fall color change is a direct byproduct of our cooler temperatures and nutrient availability in the soil. Proper fertilizations improve color in not only the fall but the spring too! Lastly, many of us like to rake our leaves in the fall to keep our landscapes looking clean and fresh. However, by removing the leaf litter we reduce the natural breakdown that feed our trees and the soil biology. Fertilization is a great way to supplement what we remove from the garden as well as improve the soil biology with our in house blend.

Complete Landsculpture to schedule your fertilization quote today! We are here to help your trees and landscape be successful through all seasons.

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