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Your Fall Tree Care Guide

Leaves are finally falling, and many homeowners or property managers think that because winter is upon us that tree maintenance is on pause until spring, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Fall is a pivotal moment in the care of your trees and can set the tone for the rest of the year, and years to come, for your trees, shrubs, and overall landscape.

The month of October is the sweet spot when it comes to proper tree care, and you don’t want to get caught behind schedule. The Complete Landsculpture team of expert Arborists has some tips to keep you up to date on fall tree care protocol. Read on to keep your trees healthy!

What Tree Care Should Look Like This Season

Before we get into the actual tips, it’s important to know that October to January is the time to plant trees and shrubs that are ‘balled & burlap.’ So, if you’re even the slightest bit interested in having trees planted or tending to shrubs, go ahead and give us a call today!

One of our Certified Arborists will meet you at your property to discuss the next steps and ensure your trees are planted just in time.

Now, let’s get to the fall tree maintenance. Here’s what you should be doing (or have a team of experts do for you):

Remove Dead and Diseased Trees

This is very important, actually so important that we wrote a blog post about this a while back. Take a look here. The main points you need to know are that dead and decaying trees could spread disease or even cause damage if they fall during a winter storm.

Spray for Insects

This is a great time to spray as you can prevent vermin and insects from burrowing in your trees before winter hits. Why is this important? If unwanted guests overrun your trees, it can jeopardize its stability.

Water Your Trees

Certain trees can still benefit from watering in early fall as the extra hydration could encourage growth. Plus, the harsh summer of our region definitely took a toll on trees around Texas and Oklahoma, and they’ll need some extra care to recuperate before any freeze comes around.

Soil Inspection

More times than not, problems with trees come from problems in the soil. Let our experts look at your soil before the temperature drops, and nothing can be done. We’ll work to make sure your soil is in tip-top condition before winter hits.

Plant New Trees and Shrubs

As we mentioned earlier, this is the time to plant new trees and shrubs. Fall planting gives these new plants a good chance at establishing their roots while the soil is moist and cool.

Lay Mulch

Mulch is like a blanket for your tree’s roots, and fall is the perfect time to ensure they are nice and cozy before winter comes. Laying mulch at this time can also ensure they retain water, and extreme temperature changes in the soil aren’t overwhelming.

Assess Risks

Let one of our tree experts look at your trees to determine if any branches are potential risks of falling when temperatures drop and freezing occurs. Assessing risks today could save you from costly repairs to winter storm damage in a few months.

There are various steps to proper and effective fall tree maintenance, but these steps should give you a good idea of some of the places we can start with. Regular tree care and maintenance can ensure the longevity and beauty of your trees and shrubs all year long.

Call the Experts Today!

Do your due diligence and call in the experts today. The Complete Landsculpture team will meet you at your property to ensure your trees are in good shape, walk you through a plan for removal of any dead trees, and help you decide on the best options for replanting.

You can check out our portfolio here for some inspiration or get in touch with us directly with our contact form.

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