Heat-Tolerant Plants for a Water Efficient Landscape

Whether you live in an area that hasn’t seen much rain or you’re looking to make some mindful updates to your home and landscape, there are plenty of options when it comes to efficient (and water-friendly) landscaping!

Switching to heat-tolerant plants on top of implementing smart irrigation techniques will help you save water AND money.

Hotter weather doesn’t mean your garden has to lose its color; consider adding some of these plants to maintain color and water efficiency even in the dog days of summer.


These cheery warm-weather flowers are a classic for a reason–not only are their beautiful orange and yellows tones appealing, but they’ll bloom in temperatures that would wilt others. We also love them because they’re easy to grow!


These succulents have thick leaves that store moisture and help them thrive in poor soil, high temperatures, humid and arid climates and are the most low maintenance plant you’ll come across.

Globe Amaranth

You’ll find these round bulbs in a variety of colors ranging from lavender to blood orange. Their size ranges but all can be planted in full sun and only need frequent watering in their first few weeks. Afterward, you can let the rain do all of the work.


Cooperative and colorful make these a favorite among most homeowners and gardeners alike. If you’re looking for an easy plant with lots of color, this is the way to go.

Cosmos are great for areas with poor soil, and you have some options when it comes to size as they can range from 2 to 5 feet tall.

Lemon Verbena

By nature, Verbena plants don’t like wet environments, thrive in heat, and a huge plus is that they attract butterflies. They look great near doors, windows, or in hanging plants and our favorite attribute is the fresh, citrusy aroma.

Efficient Techniques

Apart from making smart choices with your plants and flowers, some other efficient techniques can make your landscape truly water-wise.

  • Position Plants Correctly: While gardens and landscapes may look like they’re growing in random places, there’s a strategy and carefully crafted plan behind every great landscape. You can reduce water usage by grouping plants with similar needs in the same area.
  • Incorporate Hardscapes: Using rocks or structures can add height, variation, define spaces, and they don’t need water, but they will add value to your space.
  • Get a Patio: Adding a patio won’t only create a communal space for your home, but it will also reduce the amount of grass and shrubbery you need to water. Find out more about our decks and patios here.

We Can Help

To be 100% sure that your yard is using water efficiently while giving you the landscape you desire you’ll want to let an expert handle it.

At Complete Landsculpture, we have a team of experienced consultants and landscape architects that work together to deliver you the best landscape possible.

To schedule, an appointment with one of our expert team members give us a call or reach out to us here. 

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