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Low Maintenance Trees to Consider for Your Yard

We’ve said it time and time again—that trees are essential to any landscape, and can make or break the overall appearance and feel of a property. However, we know that while we may be wild about trees that plenty of people outside of the industry aren’t sure where to start.

Most homeowners and property managers see the value of trees, but without the proper knowledge and resources, you may not be able to take care of trees and shrubs effectively. That’s why we came up with a shortlist of the best low-maintenance trees that even those missing a green thumb can enjoy and see thrive for years to come.

Do you consider yourself to be lacking in the plant knowledge department? No worries! You can still enjoy trees and shrubs like the best of them.

The Best Low Maintenance Trees for Your Yard

We get it-you’re busy, you don’t know anything about tree care, or you’re worried you’ll mess up watering, fertilizing, etc. Here’s a list of the best trees that will still give you the appeal, functionality, and interest without the commitment of a strict maintenance plan.

1. Japanese Maple

These are an excellent choice because they are both beautiful and functional. Red Japanese maples can make your yard or property feel like it’s fall year-round. They are generally small, low to the ground, and can be easily cared for without the use of a ladder.

2. Green Giant Arborvitae

Chances are you’ve seen this tree out and about before as it is very popular in residential and commercial properties. Green giants are the dark-green and cone-shaped trees you see lining neighborhoods. Once established, these trees are very durable. They’re wind-resistant, drought-tolerant, and can handle cold weather and freezing temps.

3. Crape Myrtle

You may have heard of this tree as the “lilac of the South,” thanks to its stunning flowers and bright foliage. They do well in various weather types and only need an hour or so of pruning each year. That’s about as low maintenance as trees can be! Varying sizes and different colors make Crape Myrtle trees another favorite of low maintenance tree fans.

4. Redbud

Redbuds are native across North America and are a popular choice for landscaping because of its striking colors. This tree is also smaller and works well in residential areas because it doesn’t interfere with power lines and can fit into small spaces.

5. Yaupon Holly

These shrubs are another low maintenance landscaping favorite because they work great in groupings or as hedges. They respond well to pruning and shearing and can work well as shrubs that are molded into different designs.

These five trees are a great starting point when considering the addition of a low maintenance tree or shrub to your property. Just because they are low maintenance doesn’t mean they won’t thrive and add value to your landscape, most of them are vibrant and unique. However, low maintenance trees and shrubs still require some maintenance, and if you’re not interested in the upkeep yourself, we think you’ll want expert guidance in the planting process.

Call the Tree Experts Today!

The Complete Landsculpture team of Certified Arborists can walk you through other low maintenance tree options and make recommendations based on your landscape and your vision. Take a look through some of our past work to see what our team of experts can do for you!

Do your due diligence and call in the experts today. The Complete Landsculpture team will meet you at your property to ensure your trees are in good shape, walk you through a plan for removal of any dead trees, and help you decide on the best options for replanting.

You can check out our portfolio here for some inspiration or get in touch with us directly with our contact form.

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