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Oak Wilt Season: Protect Your Oak Trees Now!

With the holiday season coming to a close we’re coming up on another, lesser known but a serious season—Oak wilt season. Haven’t heard of it? Well, if you have an oak tree on your property, you’ll want to keep reading.

Oak Wilt and Why You Should Worry

Oak wilt is one of the most destructive tree diseases in the U.S. and although it was first detected in Wisconsin in the early 40’s it has made its presence known in and around Texas where it has been killing trees for years.

This fungal disease attacks a tree through its vascular system and can affect all types of oak trees, but especially red oaks.

The key to avoiding oak wilt is through precise and proper tree care and a solid tree management program. Consulting an arborist is not enough, you want to have someone that is Texas Oak Wilt Qualified like our team members at Complete Landsculpture!

Starting in the spring, (around mid-April through mid-July) oaks are at their most vulnerable to contract oak wilt. Sap-feeding beetles can spread spores from infected trees to healthy trees causing the beginning of a serious problem. The disease is fairly quick and will spread to other oaks through their root network.

What does it look like?

  • Oak wilt will start from the top of a tree and work its way to the bottom
  • Complete leaf loss can occur in 2-3 weeks
  • Presence of fungal mats
  • “Flash” of autumn colors in summer
  • Veinal necrosis present in leaves

One of our experts can help walk you through other identifiable factors and prevention methods to protect your oaks.

Preventing Oak Wilt

Spring and summer may seem like the natural time to tend to your trees, but when it comes to oaks doing any pruning in these months (April-July) can be harmful.

It’s crucial that you avoid injuring or pruning your oak trees during this time, which is why fall and winter are the best times to have your oak pruning done.

If you want to ensure good health in your oak trees today and through the next growing season, get in touch with our team of Oak Wilt Qualified experts. We can diagnose and perform treatments of the disease.

Protect Your Trees

Early detection and quick action are vital—make sure your trees are safe through regular maintenance and surveillance. One of our certified Arborists can determine if your tree is suffering from Oak Wilt and will employ some treatments, such as:

  • Cutting and disposing of any diseased red oaks.
  • Fungicide injections to adjacent Live Oak or Red Oaks.
  • Sterilizing and sanitizing all pruning equipment between treatments.
  • Stop the spread of the infection by breaking uproot connections.
  • Create a planting plan that favors trees that are resistant to oak wilt.
  • Inspect all other trees for signs of infection or susceptibility to infection.

We know that trees are an investment and enhancement to any property, we want to make sure yours are safe. Learn more about our Tree Care plans here and if you have any questions or you’re ready to get your oak wilt screening on the books schedule a consultation!

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