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Root Stress and the Benefits of Air Spading and Increased Drainage

You don’t have to be a certified Arborist to know the roots are the lifeline of your trees. However, you will need an Arborist if you want to get proper care, maintenance, and treatment for rotting or stressed roots.

This month we want to focus on root stress and the two techniques our tree experts use to combat root stress and keep your trees healthy, air spading and increased drainage, but more on that in a second. Let’s get into root stress first!

What Is Root Stress?

We know it may sound funny to talk about your trees being stressed, but they put up with a lot! The elements, animals, humans, etc.

They take a lot of abuse and don’t nearly get enough care. If your roots are neglected and go untreated, your trees could die quickly or linger for years in an unhealthy state.

If you’re concerned about your tree’s health, here are a few red flags to look out for. The good news is that signs of root damage typically appear before a tree flat out dies.

These are just a few examples of warning signs. If you are mindful of these warning signs, you may have a chance to save your tree.

If you’re not sure if your tree is experiencing the signs or other symptoms, give us a call. Our team of tree experts can take a look at let you know what’s going on!

1. Wilting

Is your tree or shrub looking brown, pitiful, or experiencing out-of-season flowering? This is a telltale sign that your tree is not getting the nutrients it needs.

2. Leaf Scorch

Do the margins of leaves look brown or yellow? That means their tissues are dying.

3. Excessive Output of Seeds

When a tree is in danger, it’s defense mechanism will be to put out an excessive amount of suckers and seeds.

4. Mushrooms

Do you see mushrooms around and on the tree trunk? Then your tree might be stressed.

Complete Landsculpture Can Help!

To combat root stress and root rot, we prefer to use Air Spade to address potential root problems. The Air Spade tool allows our arborist to:

  • Check for root rot beneath the surface
  • Break up compacted soil that has been preventing nutrient and water flow to the roots
  • Assess and correct girdling (circling) roots
  • Perform a root collar excavation (RCX)

We love the Air Spade because it allows for:

  • An immediate visual inspection and correction of specific plant health concerns.
  • Quick, accurate diagnosis of plant diseases and the extent of decay without extensive root system damage.
  • The application of specially blended materials to promote root growth and survival rate.

So, what does the Air Spade do exactly? It shoots compressed air into the soil, which breaks up heavily compacted dirt and adds the necessary air to a tree’s basin without the risk of harming the root structure.

This process allows us to get a better handle on the ground surrounding the tree and make better recommendations for soil treatments and tree care.

Meet with the Tree Experts Today!

Whether you’re dealing with full-on root rot or just looking for some general tree care, we can help. Learn more about our tree care offerings here, and when you’re ready, you can schedule your consultation by getting in touch with us here!

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