Add Routine Tree Pruning to Your April To-Do List

Some people assume trees don’t need upkeep, I mean, look at forests! Nobody is going out in the woods for regular maintenance right?

But when dealing with landscape trees, it’s not the same. Regular upkeep is important for the overall health and safety of your landscape’s trees.

Just because trees are old and strong doesn’t mean they’re invincible, here’s everything you need to know about spring and summer pruning and why it should be on your to-do list!

Why Your Trees Need Pruning

A Certified Arborist, like one of our team members, can spot structural issues as well as potential signs or risks for disease and safety issues. Getting an expert opinion on your trees can help preserve and promote their healthy growth!

Pruning does so much more than make your trees look better, although that’s important too! There are three main categories why pruning is important:

  • Aesthetics
  • Safety
  • Tree health

Pruning performed by an expert can:

  • Improve form and structure of the entire tree
  • Get rid of dead branches
  • Reduce risks of safety issues
  • Increase light and air penetration
  • Reduce and control pests and insects
  • Train and nurture your trees

All of these reasons can contribute to a healthy and long-lasting tree for your landscape! Now that you know why let’s get into the how of tree pruning.

What Spring and Summer Pruning Entails

Not all tree species are the same. This statement means they all require specialized approaches and have different needs and rules to follow. Having an expert Arborist can make all the difference in your tree’s long-term health.

In general, trees can be pruned year-round (except for Fall thanks to the common spread of tree diseases and fungi) but the best time for your trees will largely depend on the species.

We love to do late spring and early summer pruning because seasonal growth is typically done and it can be easier to see limbs, branches, and other aspects crucial to maintaining the proper structure.

Improper pruning, whether in technique or time, can lead to weak and hollowed trunks as well as decay, which will greatly affect the longevity of your trees.

We recommend having a Certified Arborist come out and assess your landscape before embarking on any projects.

Protecting Your Trees with an Expert Opinion

You can learn more about our tree care services, method, and even get a look at some of our past projects here! Our team is ready to help you complete your outdoor experience and guide you through proper:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Upkeep for a healthy landscape

Schedule your consultation today!

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