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Summer Tree Fertilization

Summer Tree Fertilization

With the summer heat upon us, it is time to crank up the A/C and start jumping into the pool to cool off. How do you help your trees get through the heat and stress of the next few months?

After the heavy rainfall, we have received this and last year’s spring, many nutrients have been leached out of the soil. Early summer fertilization can help replace the lost nutrients and improve overall soil health and biology. Summer soil treatments are also a good time to prepare your tree for the stresses of the hot summer months. Proper soil treatments enhance the soil, making water and nutrient more available to the tree and encourage new root growth to support the overall tree health and vigor.

We offer Organic Feeding Programs that feed both the soil and the tree to establish proper nutrient and soil management. This encourages trees and plants to grow their roots deep and strong by increasing beneficial microbial activity in the soil, leading to a healthy canopy and a tree more resilient to insects, diseases, and drought, whereas improper fertilization methods can actually damage your soil biology by eradicating healthy organisms. 

Summer Tree Fertilization Program

For a custom summer fertilization program created just for your specific trees and soil, contact one of our ISA Certified Arborists today.

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