Tree Stump: Why You Should Get It Removed

Have you recently had a tree removed, or are you considering having one removed? While that in itself is a big process, there’s often one smaller task that many homeowners and property managers don’t think about it until after—what to do with the stump.

It may not seem like a huge deal, what could a little stump do after all? The truth is that apart from being unsightly, the remaining stump could affect your overall landscape in many ways.

Today we’ll break down the importance of stump removal plus your options for having it done. Here’s what you need to know!

Why You Should Have Your Tree Stump Removed

It may not be an issue in the beginning, but leaving a tree stump for too long can lead to various issues that will inevitably affect the overall health of your landscape.

  • Safety: If your yard is a high-traffic area (kids playing, frequent visitors, pets running around, etc.), then you are putting everyone at risk. They could potentially cause falls or accidents as well as damage yard equipment, like a lawnmower.
  • Tree Growth: Leaving a stump unchecked often leads to the sprouting of other smaller trees around it, which will ultimately cost you more money to remove and can also damage and lead to the death of surrounding plants as these new trees will strip the soil of nutrients.
  • Attract Pests and Diseases: Pesky critters like carpenter ants, beetles, and termites love decaying tree stumps! You don’t want anything that could potentially attract these pests to your landscape. Additionally, some decaying tree stumps may be harboring fungi or diseases that can affect other plants in your landscape.
  • It’s an Eyesore: If you’re reading this blog post, then we can guess that you take pride in your yard and landscape. Having a tree stump can quickly alter the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Did we get you concerned about that unimportant tree stump in your yard? We don’t mean to worry you, but we hope you see the value of getting rid of the stump. Now, let’s get into what your options are.

What Are My Options for Tree Stump Excavation?

There are two methods for getting rid of tree stumps: grinding and removal. At Complete Landsculpture, our team of expert Certified Arborists believes that grinding is the best option, but we’ll go into each of your options here.

  • Tree Stump Grinding: This process involves excavation without removal of the roots using a special machine that grinds the stump and leaves a fine sawdust. We like this method for a few reasons, like that it will eventually mix with the soil, and there is no need to fill it in. Here are a few other benefits of grinding tree stumps:
    • Not labor-intensive and it’s a quick process
    • No hole left in the ground afterward
    • You can use the stump for mulching after
    • More economical option
    • Less stress on the landscape and area around the stump

While the tree roots remain after the grinding process, they will eventually break down naturally, but it will take time.

  • Tree Stump Removal: The other option for getting rid of an unwanted tree stump is pulling the stump from the ground, which will eliminate both the roots and the stump. While many people like this option as it gets rid of everything and can make it easier to replant in the future, there are a few downsides worth highlighting:
    • Time and labor-intensive
    • Leaves a gaping hole in the ground
    • Can impact the landscape and area around the stump
    • Must pay for disposal of stump and root

Complete Landsculpture Can Take Care of Your Tree Stump

Our team of expert Certified Arborists will walk you through the best process and necessary steps to get rid of a tree stump in your landscape. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about your options or to schedule a consultation.

Curious about our tree care services? Take a look through our offerings to get an idea of what we can do for your landscape and the trees in it.

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