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Don’t Neglect Your Trees This Winter

Just because leaves are falling doesn’t mean your trees are exempt from any winter maintenance. In fact, the harsh temperatures, winds, snowfall and ice will put your trees through the wringer.

Proper long-term care and management will ensure that your trees live a long life and continue to provide their intended aesthetic value and function to your property. Every tree species is susceptible to problems caused by winter weather which include things like:

  • Frost cracking
  • Falling branches
  • Damage from animals searching for food
  • Sunscald (like a sunburn that trees can suffer from)

These are just a few of the most common issues trees face in winter. Here are some of our most important tree maintenance tips for winter care.

1. Structural Pruning

This process removes rubbing, crossing, or diseased limbs and can greatly benefit younger trees. This will encourage a sturdy structure as the tree continues to grow.

When small defects are left untreated, they can grow bigger over time and compromise the tree. Therefore, it’s easiest to address issues when trees are younger and can adapt and heal more quickly.

2. Mulching

Winter drought is a real problem, especially in areas with a lot of freezing. When the ground freezes, your trees cannot get enough moisture.

So laying down a thick layer of mulch around the base of the tree can help preserve moisture and nutrients your trees need to get through the winter.

3. Pest Management

Many people think cold weather naturally keeps pesky insects away, but there are a variety of pests that are more active as the temperatures drop.

A specialist, like one of our certified arborists, will be able to walk you through the proper treatments and potential pest threats your specific tree species.

4. Crown Reduction

This type of pruning is best done in the winter because it’s easier to see the overall structure of the branch. This process will require an experienced professional to go through and select certain limbs to reduce weight and length to reduce the risk of limb failure during winter.

The removal of these strains can help preserve your trees and ensure longevity.

We Can Help

Don’t get lazy this winter season and let the Complete Landsculpture team keep your property in tip-top shape. We’ll help you build and maintain your complete outdoor experience!

For over 20 years we’ve been serving residential and commercial properties throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and neighboring states.

Remember your trees are a great investment for your property and it’s best to preserve them through regular and professional upkeep.

Want to learn more about our tree care programs and how our certified arborists work? Fill out our contact form and one of our team members will be in touch ASAP!

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