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Winter Tree Trimming and Care

Winter Tree Trimming and Care

With the cooler weather setting in, now is the time to think about your trees. As trees start shutting down and preparing for the cold days ahead, take advantage of this time to help protect the trees from the winter storms and prepare them for a healthy next spring. Maintenance trimming to remove dead, hazardous, heavy, and crossing limbs is the foundation to a healthy tree structure. Our arborists inspect each tree individually and will make recommendations based on the tree species, size, health, aesthetics, and other factors to ensure proper care of your trees.

Storm Protection: Proper tree trimming now can protect these majestic beauties during the ice and winter storms that often hit our area. Preventative maintenance trimming is the best way to protect your trees from winter storms. Removal of limbs with weak and narrow-shaped crotches helps reduce the chances of branch splitting. Trimming of heavy and extended limbs also helps reduce excess limb weight and protect the branches from branch failure. Evergreen and multileader trees are especially vulnerable to damage from ice and winter storms. Although slower-growing trees tend to do better, older trees are more susceptible than young trees to the tolls of ice storms.

Proper maintenance now can help mitigate the risk of devastating damage from winter storms. Storms can cause irreparable damage to the trees and can even be fatal. Loss of major limbs or a whole tree can drastically change the feel, look, and financial value of your property. Call us today for a free arborist consultation to protect and preserve your trees today.

Dormant Oil sprays applied in the winter help control many common insects and diseases that ravage many of our ornamental trees and shrubs. Treatments are effective against aphids, mealybug, thrips, whiteflies, adelgids, caterpillar eggs, leafhoppers, scale, and mites. Some diseases, like powdery mildew, can also be suppressed with dormant sprays. If you have a history of insects or diseases on your property or want to get ahead on these damaging insects and diseases, contact our local arborist for a free consultation today.

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