Integrated Pest Management

IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties. Pesticides are used only after monitoring indicates they are needed according to established guidelines, and treatments are made with the goal of removing only the target organism. Pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, beneficial and nontarget organisms, and the environment.

Cabling and Bracing

The installation of hardware such as steel rods and cables into trees that are structurally weak for the purpose of strengthening the tree and prolonging its life.

Root Pruning

The practice of severing roots using equipment designed for that purpose. Roots that are causing damage to structures are pruned and roots that will be impacted by excavation activities may be pruned to reduce the damage inflicted by heavy equipment.

Spring Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Trimming of selective branches throughout the canopy to improve tree safety, health and overall tree vitality. Trimming is done per ISA and ANSI Standards under the guidance of a Certified Arborst.

Crown Thinning or Cleaning
The selective removal of one of the following items: dead, dying, or diseased branches, weak branches, sucker growth and water sprouts
Crown Raising
The removal of the lower branches to provide clearance from the ground or structure and to improve sunlight to the landscape below.
Crown Reduction or Shaping
Selective trimming of longer branches to reduce the overall height or shaping of a tree.
Hazardous Reduction Pruning (HRP)
To remove only branches that are decayed or declining, and are posing imminent danger.

Tree Removal with Flush Cut

Full take down of a tree and leaving the stump cut as low as reasonably possible without damage to our equipment. This would include the logs and chips removed from the premises unless other instructions are noted on the proposal.

Tree Removal with Stump Grinding

Full take down of a tree and the stump of the tree will be ground approximately 12 inches below the surface.

Arborist Consultation

Our ISA Certified Arborist will consult with you on the maintenance, trimming, treating, and overall care of your trees.  Consultations can be very detailed and include a full report or may be a walk through with our Arborist as they discuss their findings and observations.

Tree Inspection

Inspection of a tree or trees done by a ISA Certified Arborist from the ground. Tree will be inspected for general tree health, growth, structure, and any potential hazards, insects, diseases, or other potential impacts on the health of your tree.

Tree Fertilization Programs

We offer tree fertilization programs designed specifically for your tree and your soil. Programs include organic fertilizations, soil enhancements, root growth stimulators, and soil biology boosters.

Stump Grinding

Grinding of stumps and surface roots up to 12 inches below surface.

Tree Treatments

Treatment of trees for damaging insects or diseases with contact and systemic treatments. Trees can be treated by deep root injection, trunk injection, trunk spray, drench, or foliar sprays.

Spring Tree Trimming

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Outdoor Kitchen Checklist

  • Fundamentals

    Benefit: If your outdoor kitchen is the attraction, then here's your star performer. You're hopefully going to be seeing a lot of each other!
    Benefit: Can you put a price on easy access to your gas plumbing and water lines? Yes. It's this much. Every cent spent here saves on frustration.
    Benefit: Simmering sauces. Warming dishes. Wok cooking, if you go for power. An entirely separate heating zone is a welcome bonus to any grill.
    Purpose: Keep prepped food, side dishes, condiments and toppings, bar fruit, and even hors d'oeuvres right at hand for when you need them.
    Purpose: The last thing an outdoor kitchen wants is stray trash or an unsightly waste can. Keep it all out of sight behind a closed door!
    Benefit: Leave the smoke for a BBQ smoker. Funnel that thick, billowing eyesore (in more ways than one) out of your kitchen with a vent hood!
    Benefit: If any part of your grill island is combustible, these metallic fireproof shields aren't a suggestion – they're a necessity.
    Benefit: Ventilation: it's the single most important component to your outdoor kitchen. Extra panels only make it easier to keep that base covered.
  • Add On Options

    Additional Outdoor Kitchen Storage

    Benefit: Forget heading back inside while the steaks are a-sizzlin'. Give your favorite BBQ tools and supplies a great home right here.
    Benefit: From grilling tools to flatware to hand towels, your BBQ equipment will always be in great hands – yours – the moment you need them.
    Benefit: Ants hate them! Learn this easy trick for keeping seasonings, spices, BBQ rubs, and dry toppings away from the elements.
    Benefit: Outdoor kitchen storage is built on maximizing space and disappearing your gear out of sight. Keep handy wipes nearby, but barely seen.
    Benefit: Going all-in on propane? Then the pitch should really sell itself. Make switching out your tank seamless with easy bin access.
  • More Outdoor Refrigeration

    Benefit: If you've ever been outdoors with a drink and wanted ice, but didn't want to deal with the inside... then boy, do we have the product for you.
    Benefit: Barbecues and ice-cold beer are a match made in heaven. Bring a kegerator into your kitchen design to get the angelic touch on tap.
    Benefit: Keep your cool – whether you're a hunter storing extra meats, a parent keeping extra treats for the kids, or a chilled cocktail connoisseur.
    Benefit: Wine is a delicate thing. Outdoor kitchens... aren't. Wine coolers bathe those delicious vintages in perfect conditions, all within easy reach.
    Benefit: Storing crisp beers, carbonated cans, and delicious drinks for the kids was never this easy – nor with such balanced climate control.
  • Expand Your Cooking Options

    Benefit: Delicious bacon, juicy hamburgers, crispy veggies, and sizzling fajitas can be yours that much easier with an outdoor griddle station.
    Benefit: Everybody loves pizza. Don't you? Bring that backyard a restaurant-quality slice of Italy – spoiler alert we're partial to "meat lovers."
    Benefit: There are few better tastes than fresh-cooked meat over lit charcoal. That kind of style deserves a dedicated place in your paradise.
    Benefit: This age-old Japanese cooking tradition is ready to meet your outdoor kitchen. We even figured out how to bring it into the 21st century.
    Benefit: Ever tasted what low and slow cooking does for brisket? Awesome! Want to find out for yourself what it can do for you in the kitchen?
  • Sinks, Faucets, & Ice Bins

    Benefit: How many times have you needed running water in your interior kitchen? Why let the indoors hog all that sheer convenience?
    Benefit: Pull your best Sam Malone impression with a dedicated bartending setup built into your outdoor entertaining space. Cheers!
    Benefit: Think of every "pulling crisp, cool drinks straight out of ice" commercial you've ever seen, then pull that lifestyle into your backyard.
    Benefit: Sliced fruit, chilled sauces, and cold dips... what more could you want? What about all the beers you could drink, submerged in crisp ice?
    Benefit: Ice chests are great for portably storing overflow ice. These doors are your best bet for keeping those chests within reach but out of sight.
  • Grill Accessories

    Benefit: Kick into gear with a sizzling sear: this burner locks in moisture and flavor on everything from steaks and pork to vegetables.
    Benefit: Paltry poultry? No more. Roast some kickin' chicken on the spinning spit for any occasion: fun to watch, but better to eat.
    Benefit: Great for those who need to compromise over a smoker in the kitchen – but just can't bear to part with that delicious, fiery flavor.
    Benefit: Keep your beloved gas grill covered from the harsh elements. What, need more? Keep that lean machine pristine with less to clean!
    Benefit: If the real deal just can't fit in the space (or the budget), squeeze in some sizzling sweetness with a removable griddle pan.
  • Outdoor Heating & Cooling

    Benefit: They're called outdoor kitchens – not "summer' kitchens – for a reason. Install a patio heater and squeeze another season out of paradise.
    Benefit: Curl up with loved ones around the soothing, flickering flames. They're great for ambiance. We hear you can even cook s'mores over them.
    Benefit: Warmth. Atmosphere. Style. Class. Build a toasty fire feature for your kitchen, and you'll rake in compliments – and quality company.
    Benefit: Mother Nature may have a monopoly on airflow, but we think it's time that changed. Warm or cool any outdoor space with a premium fan.
    Benefit: Are balmy, sweating summers a problem in your parts? Give them the cold shoulder – and maximize your time in that beautiful kitchen.
  • Other Patio Items

    Benefit: Ready for the big game? Forget scrunching your friends into your den; screen the party around your hard-earned outdoor kitchen instead!
    Benefit: Whether you're blaring football cheers or setting the tone with some Sinatra, premium outdoor audio adds a fitting layer of atmosphere.