Now Is The Time To Think Spring!

We are in the home stretch of winter, so now is the time to start thinking about your spring landscaping projects. While there is still time for you to budget and plan, let’s sit down and prepare a list of things we can do to keep our properties looking amazing throughout all of the warm weather months!

Compost pile – Be sure to prune your trees and remove the dead and unsightly wood damaged from winter storms. You can burn the twigs or branches in a fire pit and can collect the smaller bits for composting.

Rake – A thorough raking of any yard is good for removing dead grass, weeds, and collecting all other yard refuse into easily compostable material.

Mulching – After an aggressive winter, it is possible that your flower beds look less than desirable. Fixing your mulch situation will bolster your curb appeal and give your plants an added layer of defense.

Overseed your lawn – For best results overseed your lawn in late fall and then again in early spring. This keeps your lawn looking its best all year round!

Fertilize – Do your research and purchase your fertilizers early. This way when it’s time to administer these chemicals, you are fully prepared and won’t miss the opportune window. A very important step if you have a lot of activity on your property and you need the grass to be able to withstand its fair share of damage all year.

Getting your property ready for spring should be no problem if you stick to this blog for guidance. These simple tips will help you stay focused and organized so you can entertain in comfort all spring and summer long. For any landscaping project big or small feel free to call us, we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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