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8 Hacks to Keep Mosquitoes Away

If you live in the south, then you no doubt have had a summer night, or two spent fighting off mosquitoes. These little creatures aren’t just annoying, but they’re also dangerous as they can spread and transmit diseases.

We aren’t trying to scare you, but rather give you some helpful tips on how to manage and fend off mosquitoes in your yard and garden.

1. Reduce Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes need just a small amount of stagnant water to thrive if you have things like birdbaths, dog bowls, or plant saucers be sure to tip them over regularly.

Mosquito eggs only need ten days to become adult mosquitoes so tipping these bowls over a few times a week should be sufficient.

2. Preventative Maintenance

Your yard has hundreds of other breeding sites, so it’s important that you regularly clean out gutters, drain outlets from your AC, maintain proper irrigation practices, and routine tree care are all essential to keeping mosquitoes away.

3. Natural Repellants

You can use your landscape while fighting mosquitoes— certain plants naturally produce defensive chemicals to keep critters away. Ask an expert about your options!

4. Tie Tarps Tightly

(Say that three times fast) Make sure your tarps are pulled tightly over large items like your grill, a speedboat, a pile of firewood, etc. If you can’t keep it tight, then remove it regularly so that rainwater doesn’t pool.

5. Fire

Enjoy your outdoor kitchen all night long by setting out bug-deterring candles and lanterns. Additionally, fire features like fire pits and fireplaces can also keep you and your guests safe from mosquitoes.

6. Get an Inspection

When in doubt, call in an exterminator. They’ll check your entire property for hiding spots and breeding grounds, and then they can treat your yard.

7. Technology

No, there is no high-tech solution for keeping mosquitoes away. Actually, the solution here is simple. Getting a fan can be a huge help! Mosquitoes are weak fliers and can’t fight past a fan.

8. Lighting

Small bugs are attracted to lights, and that brings in the bigger bugs that are just looking for a meal.

Opaque yellow bug lights can reduce the number of bugs coming into your outdoor space.

They have different wavelengths that are less visible to insects and less likely to attract a swarm. Check out our lighting here!

Living in humid environments don’t have to keep you indoors, by putting these practices into place you can enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round. Want to bring your dream outdoor experiences to life?

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